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Merry Christmas!

Warning! Picture heavy post ahead!


My father has many talents, but one he's practicing every December is to think out and build a ginger bread house for my children. This year we got a small cottage, complete with Afghan hound in the front yard. The horse must be a borrowed one, since such one doesn’t belong to our household (at least not yet ;-). There are five Tomten in the front yard, and one watching out in the back yard. The house is filled with chocolate truffles, and has a window with Jugend glass imitation and light.


Look at the watching Tomte! Must be the Father in the family, always covering the back of his family.


Knitting progress to be reported: The first Endpaper mitt is finished, complete with ends woven in, but not yet blocked. The second is started, and is in fact at the thumb gusset right now. I took these pictures yesterday, and got some knitting time in the evening while we were playing Monopoly and eating Christmas candy. My daughter got very interested in them, and is asking for a smaller version. Endpaper mitts number two might be on the needles in the beginning of next year.

The friendship shawl has advanced to bud row number fifteen, but you know, unblocked lace isn’t that photogenic, so you have to trust me. No picture evidence will follow.


And some new yarn arrived in the mail: Rowan Felted Tweed in the colour Watery. Eight balls, to be transformed into the Tangled Yoke Cardigan.


Ludde, five months old, sends his greetings! *
And to all friends out there in the world that celebrates: Merry Christmas!

*The "hat" Ludde is wearing is for protecting his ear hairs from being gnawed on when he's eating.


The gingerbread house is so cute - what a nice tradition! The endpaper mitts are very nice - seeing yours makes me want to make a pair!

Jouluiloa ja joulurauhaa!


Kaunis piparkakkutalo!

That really would happen, eating his own ears? :o)
Merry Christmas!

Varma julhälsningar!

God jul lite längre norrifrån! Jag ser redan en vansinnigt snygg tangled yoke framför mig.
Och allt annat är förstås också fint, men man är ju lite enkelspårig ... :)

What a great gingerbread house!
It's so cute that your dad included a hound. And Ludde's picture is just precious. :)

Woh, the dag is getting big!
I love the ginger bread house. Very nice made by your father!

Merry Christmas to you, Maud!

Your father is so talented. What a wonderful Gingerbread house. The stained glass window is such a nice touch.

I've been admiring the Tangled Yoke Cardigan ever since I saw someone wearing one at Schoolhouse Press Workshop this fall.

Merry Christmas, Maud to you and yours.
Maybe Santa Claus is bringing the horse.
A house full of chocolate truffles sounds wonderful to me.

Have a very Merry Christmas Maud! The gingerbread house is lovely!

Merry Christmas, Maud! I haven't made Gingerbread houses in years! It was a big tradition with our daughters. They now make their own in their own homes.

Happy Holidays to you - your boy is growing so fast (love the afghan hound in front of the gingerbread cottage, too!) and he's so wonderful to see... Solomon has passed away (12/20) this past week.

Kiss that sweetie of yours for me!

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Maud.
Your dad is very talented--that's an adorable gingerbread house.
Looking at Ludde, my hands just want to reach into my monitor to pet him--what a beautiful pup!

Is that Eeva Haavisto you are talking about the woman behind the book "Sata kansanomaista kuviokudinmallia"? In this book the Rosebud mitten (from Kurikka) is white, black (instead of green) and red.
Maud's comment:
Now I don't know which post you're thinking about, but Eeva Haavisto is the autor of Sata kansanomaista kuviokudinmallia. And her version is in white, black and red, and that is the traditional version as far as I understand. But the mittens in the National Museums's collection are knitted with green instead of black, and since those mittens are the model for my pattern I chose to knit them in white, green and red. The museum model is not from Kurikka, it's said to be from Ilmajoki, not far from Kurikka.

Happy holidays!

Ok, I prefer green then because I'm looking a pattern from Ilmajoki. Thank you!

Ludde ser för härlig ut med sin sjal. Du får väl sticka några sjalfodral? och för den delen tofflor.
Som hundägare har man sett det mesta : )¨

Läckra halvvantar, färgerna är så underbara tillsammans.

Ihana isä kun tekee noin kivoja piparkakkutaloja. Toivotan puolestani hyvää uutta vuotta!


Kram och pussa på lilla killen

Hey Maud! Happy New Year to you too!
That's some hound you have! He's grown into quite the dog! And the gingerbread is precious! What a Grandpa!
I hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Fin Ludde! Afghan?

Gott Nytt År!

I love your knitted backgrounds Maud :)

Ludde looks too sweet in his kerchief - give him a big hug from me if he'll tolerate it!

And what a wonderful father/grandfather - that little gingerbread house brings back memories!! My grandmother used to do that for my brother & I when we were kids ;)


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