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The Jalasjärvi flower mittens - finished!

An other busy week is behind me and the next is about to begin. There has been knitting going on, even if not blogging. And the result: the Jalasjärvi flower mittens are finished!


See those pine needles? The autumn is here!

Project details:

Pattern: The flowers and the flower band are from Eeva Haavisto's book Sata kansanomaisata kuviokudinmallia. The book was first printed in 1947, my edition is from 1953. The biulding up of the mittens is my own. I added a cuff taken from an old sock pattern, one that in Pohjanmaa was called the zig-zag pattern, nothing fancy, just ordinary increasing and decreasing, but quite nice with coloured stripes. The thumb is made as a straight thumb, this is the way old Finnish mittens were knitted, the thumb gusset came later on. The thumb is decreased with a narrower band than the top of the mitten, a two stitch band instead of the four stitch band in the top. The top was usually broader than the thumb, with three or four stitches in the band. Click here for a picture of the tops. Eeva Haavisto gives no clues on how to pattern the thumb, indicating that it is to have the same pattern as the hand. Since it would have been impossible to get the big flowers to continue around the thumb, I decided to keep the back of the thumb striped. I used the Estonian way to knit in a piece of different coloured tread where I wanted the thumb to be - this is not how the thumbs were knitted in Finland I think.

Yarn and needles: Vuorelma’s Satakieli on 2mm bamboo needles. The mittens were knitted with a gauge of 38 stitches and 38 rows for 10 x 10 cm.


Close up of the flower pattern

The next pair of mittens will be for my younger daughter, and you can look forward to see more flowers. It will be a pair I have seen pictures of, they are part of the National Museums collections, and the knitter who made them were according to the archives home from Ilmajoki. The same pattern in different colours is also to be seen in Eeva Haavisto's book, but she credits Kurikka to be the palce where the mittens were from.

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I really like your mittens! They are so beautiful in their simplicity. Make me think of giving all my friends mittens for Christmas!

What nice Mittens!!! You're a great knitter!
I just started for the first time to knit Estionian mittens and I like it a lot.

Greetings from Tijm in the North of the Netherlands.


Wow. Impeccable fairisle. The stitches are so perfect.

Lovely mittens,I have some purple & red Finnish wool waiting to be mittens.

Oj, oj, oj... Dessa vantarna blev ju häftiga jö... Och den mudden där i början. Hm, ser ut lite som Jaywalker, men med mindre antal maskor...
Stickar just nu vantar med tycker de inte håller åt runt handleden. Kanske denna idèn vore något att testa. MEN, jag tror inte jag vågar mig på att "låna" mönster från gamla vantar, ;) Men kul vore det... Men, färdiga år 2010 som allt annat då kanske, hihihi...
Må så gott... värmländska på bloggtur, kramis ngn som borde leta maskor till just tummar... ;)

You look like you have skills when it comes to the needles, and would love to have your insight at my new knitting board: http://tightknitfriends.com/forums

I hope to get to meet you there, and get to learn more from your skills.

Beautiful mittens- the matched thumb is perfect (and I love the inside stripes). I'm still planning on a two color project, other things just keep getting in the way. Can't wait to see your next mittens.

You wrote: "I used the Estonian way to knit in a piece of different coloured tread where I wanted the thumb to be - this is not how the thumbs were knitted in Finland I think."
No, this is the Finnish way, too. My mother taught me to knit the thumb this way, in Helsinki in the 60's. She called it the straight thumb. There was also the gradated thumb, with increases in the body.

Juuli, I was refering to the use of a piece of different coloured tread knitted in when marking the place for the thumb (look at the first picture in the first posting about these mittens). Did your mother use that way as well? I thought that the old way was to use a pin or a tread to leave the stitches on, and then to cast on new stitches. The straight thumb is the the old Finnish way, and the gussets came later on, you are right on that.


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