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Tangled Yoke progress and New Year's knitting goal

So, how has the New Year begun for you all? Everything all right, I hope? Lots of laughter and joy? Good!

The weather is cleaing up here. I read in the paper today that the Helsinki area had got 20 hours of sun in December. No wornder it felt like it was always grey and cloudy, eternal November weather, and never weather for taking pictures, neither inside nor outside! Today we’ve had sun and about 5 C degrees minus, refreshing, and oh so bright! A little bit of snow wouldn’t hurt, but this is all right too.


I have had a pretty hectic schedule today, but managed to take a couple of pictures of the Tangled Yoke body before sundown. I haven’t forgotten the pictures of the finished Enpaper mitts, but had no time for them today.
I have reached the increases in the body part; in fact I have made about half of them already. Rowan Felted Tweed is lovely, and the gauge is still right. I tend to go to loose with metallic needles and Felted tweed, and do nowadays always choose bamboos for that yarn. It’s a bit slow in the beginning, but you get used to the different rhythm pretty fast. I’m very much in love with this project, and have interrupted my knitting only for working on Ludde’s web pages. This is the first time I’m doing all the coding myself, not working from a blog program and tweaking that premade setup. Quite exciting, I must admit! I’ll give the addy as soon as the pages are in better shape.


As for New Years promises, I haven’t made any, but I have a goal for this year: to knit all the designs Eunny Jang has made before 2008 (I’m sure she’ll publish more this year, but I’ll consider them as they appear). Eunny has so far eleven published designs, of which I have made/I’m making seven: finished are the Deep V Argyle vest, Venezia sweater, Anemoi mittens, Enpaper mitts, Bayerische socks, wips are Tangled Yoke Cardigan and PrintO’the Wave stole. What I have left are the Entrelac socks, Chucks cabled socks, Autumn Rose sweater and the Ivy League vest. Two stranded works, two pair of socks. I don’t have schedule for it yet, but this is the plan.

I hope to be back this weekend with pictures of the finished Endpaper mitts and a summary of my knitting projects 2007. Until then, be good, and knit a lot!


Ludde sleeping in the sofa. What you see closest to the camera is his left front paw, he's sleeping on his back. He hunted down a crow yesterday, and was very pleased with him self! And slept very good after that.


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wow you go Maud!! I love the idea of knitting everything Eunny!!! I love her designs so much. I am also loving the Eunny background. Good Luck and I will be keeping a close eye on the progress!

wow - a full Eunny collection :) That's an excellent goal Maud and you're well on your way! I can't wait to see the rest of them - your tangled yoke looks lovely to far!

I love that blue colored yarn for your tangled yoke sweater. I also love the new knitting background on your blog.

Is that Ludde's foot hanging over the arm of the couch?? What a cute picture.

Such fine knitting you have on the list...You're stitches look amazing on the background of your blog!

Will you be tempted to knit Luddes' lovely coat of fiber? I think it will make a very nice yarn! ;)

Hi, Just wanted to tell you the tangled yoke looks beautiful, and what a pretty color to work with! I'm 2/3 of the way through the Brooklyn Tweed Cobblestone sweater right now in the exact tan/brown that the magazine shows, and a bright color would be a nice change. But, I'll persevere as #1 son will probably be too big if I don't finish it soon! Happy New Year to you, too!

Åh, ännu en person som stickar denna underbara tröjan... hua, man kan bli avis för mindre ;) Dreglar varje gång jag ser den i en blogg jö... ;)
Hm, tur man inte har just den tidningen med mönstret I och inte heller har garnet till den, hm... och tom plånbok (nä, inget överköpande till jul, är bara så ändå :() så det kan inte ens letas upp på nätet och inhandlas... hiskelig tur man kan tänkas ha, va? (not...)
Må så gott... värmländskan... kramis och låter ni Ludde ligga i soffan? hm, han blir rätt stor han och har ni en egen soffa? ;) Vår vovve är portad från soffa och säng, även om hon gärna försöker, hihihi... och lite, lite mindre är ändå en Alaskan Husky, hihihi...

I love your Eunny goals! All of your completed Eunny knits have been gorgeous - I can't wait to see the rest!
(I was JUST looking at Chuck's socks this morning - I think I might give those a try sometime)

PS - I JUST started tangling my yoke - did the set up row in bed last night!

What an excellent idea - to knit all of Eunny's designs. I'll look forward to seeing your progression throughout the year.

Wow, you have an impressive goal for 2008. I am sure you will acheive it. It will be fun watching your progress. Ludde really looks relaxed!

The colour of tangled yolk is a great blue. And I could knit all of Eunnys designs too, lack of time stops me, and alll the other stuff I want to knit!

Just getting caught up on your blog. I LOVE your Rosebud mittens. They have been on my list to knit. Your puppy is just adorable. Happy New Year to you!

Go the Eunny! All three of her socks are on my to-do list, too...we'll have to compare notes!


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