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The new socks

Some months ago I started a new pair of socks. I have for some time, well actually since the pattern was published, admired Kate Gilbert's Marina Piccola socks. The inspiration for the socks is a small path down to a small harbour in Italy, and it reminds me of our holiday with the kids in north Italy a lot. I also had this lovely sea blue yarn, hand painted by VillaMokka (Mokkasukka 75 % wool, 25 % nylon).

Piccolo marina first.jpg

I had some problems grasping the graph for the pattern, I don't know why, since it's hardly ever a problem of mine. A slight problem was also that I did knit quite infrequently on the leg portion, and managed to forget the pattern in between. Fortunately, after having understood it, it usually took a row or two to get it again. Here is a close up of the winding path between the waves of the sea, a beautiful pattern I think.

Piccolo marina closeup.jpg

The cuff is knitted on 2 mm dpns, and the rest on 2,5 mm. Today I have promised to take my friend's son to his piano lesson, and I think I'll have plenty of time to set up the second sock while waiting for him. In fact, the foot part of the first sock was knitted in less than a week, so I think the second one will finish pretty smoothly too.


That's a nice pattern and the yarn matches it just perfect.

Hello there! How great to hear of your new projects!


Hi Maud,
That yarn color is perfect for your new socks too.
(good to see a post from you again :-)

Pretty sock pattern and beautiful yarn!
How did that Ribby Cardi go??

I think that you chose a great colour yarn for those. They look lovely.


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