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The Salainen Neule Ystävä and Progress in red


We have a secret pal exchange going on in Finland! The Salainen Neule Ystävä Exchange will continue until November, and I got yesterday the first sign from my pal. It was a card sent from Tallinn, Estonia, with greetings! Now I can conclude that my pal 1) Visited Tallinn on August the second, or 2) do live in Tallinn, or 3) has a good friend in Tallinn who has promised to send the card. Hmmm, that was pretty many alternatives… Thank you secret pal! And you, that information sheet you got about me, it wasn’t very informative, was it? No, I don’t think so either. I hope I didn’t sound too cranky, but I have been knitting for quite a long time, and one creates quite a lot of likes and dislikes. I’ll try to put small hints in my blog postings too, just to help you out.


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The sun is back, and it has motivated me to work on my Flirty top. I started to crochet the edging as the pattern told, but did soon rip it out and start to work out a different kind of picot edging. The way the pattern wanted it to be done created very high spikes very close to each. It took very long time to crochet, but patience wasn’t the problem. Patience is my middle name, and I have a lawyer’s degree and Elfin to prove it. The problem was that the tightly placed spikes were very hard to make stay flat, since there were two dc in every second dc from the first row. The wavy effect looked like there were too many stitches. Not good. So I changed the picot to a rounder arch and added two dcs between the picot. Now I like it!


Nelli got her shawl! Fifi III is blocked and the bear has received it. The size is almost perfect for a cosy shawl to snuggle up in in front of the fire in the winter. Bear and girl are both very pleased.


Project details: Fifi III by Sari Åström (pattern available only in Finnish)
Yarn: Pirkka thin in bright red.
Needles: 3,5 mm.
Other: I only knitted 1,5 X the middle chart in order to make the shawl small. A very well written pattern, the shawl is an ideal one for a beginner in lace knitting.

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Hehe...I love how that bear looks in that shawl. So fancy! (And is that a hand-knit sweater and booties the bear is wearing?)

Oh yes, they are hand knit. In fact they are no booties, just regular socks.
The bear proportions are not exactly standard doll sizes, so her complete
wardrobe is handmade, down to underwear with hole for the tail. She (this is
Hanna's bear) and Sofia's identical bear are having quite a lot off outfits,
as well knitted as sewn.

Flirty is a beautiful color. I like the change you made on her. You are so good at changing patterns to your liking!

Huivi näytää ihanalta nallen päällä!!

Käsialasi on uskomattoman tasaisen ja sievän näköistä!


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