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Buttonholes and cables

I run into a slight problem when knitting the second front band of MIL's cable-trim jacket. It was very clear that I had to find another way to make the buttonholes, since the ordinary method would have made the second cast-off stitch to run into the cable. There are only two purl stitches between the cables, and this jacket is so heavy it needs bigger buttons than those going through a one stitch bind off or eyelet button hole. The answer was to be found in my knitting handbook Vogue knitting, a very good book for knitting problems like this. I highly recommend it.


A scrap yarn was knitted over the two stitches between the cables.


The stitches are picked up on the wrong side after the front band has been finished, plus two extra stitches in the edges.


One round is knitted with the main colour yarn, and the live stitches are stitched down one after another on the wrong side of the front band.


The buttonhole from the wrong side…


… and from the right side. Neat, isn’t it, with undisturbed cables.

And there was enough yarn for all the front bands, but only about 15 grams extra. I'm on to seaming now.


Early in the morning, coffe, blogs and Flirty from Rowan 37

I started a new project. This is my perfect timing, when the worst heat is over, the vacation is almost over (schools start in two weeks) and everybody over here starting to think about autumn, then I pick out my cotton yarn and start knitting a summer top. Okay, I did cast on when we were in the archipelago, but I haven’t had that much time to knit on it. It should be a fast knit, and I hope to be able to wear it before it cools down here finally. I’m a bit unsure about the colour, I ordered it without looking at the shade card in real, and it looked much brighter on my screen. I had in mind to make the crocheted parts in a pinker yarn, but it doesn’t go together with this colour at all. I think I have enough yarn in this colour to use in the crocheted parts too, and then I can dye over the whole thing in brighter red if it looks terrible.

On another note, remembering my agonies over Solveig Hisdal's beautiful but ill-fitting boxy sweaters? Take a look at Eunny's creation, I can't wait for that pattern to be out!


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Thank you very much for the tutorial of the button holes!

That's such a neat way to work the buttonholes. The result is impeccable. Thanks for sharing, Maud!

Thank you Maud for your advice on choosing a dress form.
I have been knitting for many years, but my finishing is the part I want to improve. The big Vogue knitting book is really good. I am going to read it again.
Your buttonholes are really beautiful.

What a clever way to do the buttonholes! I'm always struggling with that... especially if there's anything else than the simplest rib on the band.


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