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Finishing party in red

The red pile is finished. The bear shawl Fifi III is already shown, and here is the rest.


First in the pile are the socks. These socks have a, for me, new heel, and a new toe. The heel is a combination of short rows and 2ktog: s, and incredible comfortable to wear. I didn’t follow Nancy Bush’s directions for the short rows, since they would have resulted in a row of holes (this was the intention behind the pattern), and to me they didn’t look good, just like ill-done short rows. I also made the 2ktog: s on the right side as SSK: s, in order to create symmetry. The toe is done with 2ptog: s in triangular shapes, and is comfortable, but a bit weird looking. All in all a very nice pattern.


Projects details: Rib and cable socks by Nancy Bush for Interweave Knits Fall 2005.
Yarn: Novita Nalle Colori in red, less than one ball (to be exact 102 g).
Needles: 2, 5 mm.
Gauge: 29 stitches and 38 rows to make 10x 10 cm in stockinette.
Alterations: Short rows without holes, symmetrical decreases.

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The next on in the pile is the Flower basket Shawl. With my yarn and needles I got a pretty small shawl, even smaller than the picture in the magazine. It is very soft, and the pattern is easy to knit. My yarn choice was perhaps not the most genial; I think the alpaca I used is a bit too thick. But it is a lovely yarn, and the shawl is very soft and fluffy.

Project details: Flower Basket Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark for Interweave Knits Fall 2004.
Yarn: Drops Alpaca, 1, 5 balls.
Needles: 4, 5 mm.
No alterations.

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And at the bottom is Flirty. I’m still a bit undecided when it comes to the colour. I would like it brighter, now it a something close to brick red, and I feel I’m fading away in it. I know a dye bath would fix it in no time, still I hesitate.

Project details: Flirty by Sasha Kagan for Rowan 37.
Yarn: Rowan 4ply cotton, less than 3 balls in shade 132 (the pattern said 4 of main colour + 1 for the edges…)
Needles: 3mm, crochet hook 2, 5 mm.
Gauge: 28 stitches and 38 rows in rib to make 10 x 10 cm.
Alterations: I changed the crocheted edging and omitted the beads.

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You are into the beautiful reds! Flirty looks cosmopolitan. I like your version better than the original. The Flower Basket shawl looks like the perfect size for the little person sportin' it in the photo. The design shows up so well against the white shirt. Maybe you should put all three red knits on and post a photo ;)

I'm a big fan of the Flower Basket shawl. After knitting my first one this summer I've been thinking about spinning up enough of something to get another one that is slightly bigger and could be used for a more formal outing. Such a nice easy pattern to work with and it shows off all kinds of yarn to its best advantage.

Oj, vad det går undan i din stickfabrik! En vacker röd samling. Hälen ser intressant ut, måste prova den någon gång. Mail på kommande till dig ...

Ooh flirty looks nice. FBS looks cute too. I am sure that your MIL will love her new present. Isnt it nice to make things for people who appreciate them.

Your finished objects are beautiful and I looooooooove Flirty! The lace at the hem is just so saucy.

Oj, vad det tillverkas här då... Rött i parti och minut, hua. Det där sockgarnet vore häftigt att testa... älskar rött, bla... ;). Och det märket är väl Finskt??? Antar att man inte kan hitta något alls av just sockgarnet här i landet, hm...
Må så gott... en Sjöbackabo på irrvägar ute på nätet... som njuter av dina alster och bilderna är topp!

I love the Nancy Bush socks. I have the book but haven't done those yet. Yours turned out wonderful!


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