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Ladies and gentlemen, MIL's Cable-trim Jacket!


Hand knitted jacket – check!
Buttons in the front – check!
Pockets in the sides – check!

Everything is ready for MIL’s 70 yo birthday, and it is still two weeks away. The program is fixed, and I managed to finish the present in time. No procrastination here, no. Or yes, actually I had the buttons for more than a week before I sewed them on. And then it took me one day more to get the pockets fixed. I decided to add thin fabric pockets, the yarn is so thick that knitted pockets of any kind would have been too heavy.

Projects details: Cable-trim Jacket from Classic knits for real women by Martin Storey and Sharon Brat.
Yarn: Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Chunky in the colour Teal, 20 balls.
Needles: 5mm and 6 mm.
Gauge: 16 stitches and 21 rows to make 10 x 10 cm.
Alterations: MIL had asked for a hand knitted cardigan or jacket, with buttons and pockets. Since this model had neither buttons nor pockets, I had to add them. Buttonholes were knitted between the cables, and pockets of thin cotton fabric added to the sides.


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Oj, vilken häftig tröja det blev när den blev klar. Alltid svårt att tänka sig något efter vägen när man bara ser det på en platt bild... Men, det jag tänker på, hur blir det med fickor på stickat... Själv hoppar jag alltid över det, hihihi. Ja, jag tycker det har en tendens att tynga ner plagget. Jag kan aldrig låta bli att stoppa tunga saker i fickorna, hihihi...
Må så gott... en Sjöbackabo på irrvägar ute på nätet... kramis

That jacket looks very beautiful, comfortable and usable! Your MIL is one lucky girl!

Very pretty. Your mother in law should be quite pleased. Also, the bear's shawl from the previous post was very cute. Bravo!

Onpa kaunis takki! Neulekäsialasi näyttää täydelliseltä. :-)

Så fin den blev! Din svärmor kommer att bli jätteglad.

What a lovely gift for your mil; I'm sure she'll love it! The cable detail is very elegant and the fabric pocket is a great idea too.

MIL's cable jacket turned out lovely. The detailing on the collar and the button band really make it stylish. Another beautiful knit!

Jackan är perfekt!


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