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First pictures of finished Deep in the Forest mittens!

My Deep in the Forest mittens have been finished for about a week already, and my son has even taken them into daily use, as you can see from the picture below. I should have taken pictures before I gave them to him, but the weather has been lousy, and my possibilities to get any good outside pictures close to zero. And he needed them. This picture is taken inside, without any sun or anything that could brighten them up. I'll take new pictures as soon as the weather clears up!


Summary of this mitten project: My gauge was totally off, but otherwise a very nice outcome. The pattern is very clear and well written, and I made few alterations. The major one was that I picked up thumb stitches from the contrast colour yarn in the previous row, not MC, and then I attached the cuff lining at the same time as I knitted the first grey row off the braid (simply pick up the cast-on row on a spare needle, and knit the cast-on stitch together with the live stitch you have on your ordinary needle). I like how the mittens look.

Project details:

Pattern: Deep in the Forest mittens by Tuulia Salmela.
Yarn: Vuorelmas Satakieli, 2ply 100 % wool in off white and grey (957).
Needles: 2,5 mm dpns.

Modelled pictures as soon as the weather clear up!

And P.S.: I have cast on two new pairs of mittens, and the first thing I will do next year is to make an order for yarns to several bigger projects ! Yes! But this year I try to finish the mittens and the Ribby cardi.


upea malli!

oh it's so very pretty. weather is dismal here for photos too.

Good job Maud! Those mittens turned out great! And thanks for the link to Tuulia's blog--she's a brilliant designer and I look forward to trying some of her patterns!

Tosi hienot!

I love your woodsy mittens!

They look great, I need to get yarn for that pattern after the holidays.

Those mittens turned out great.

A very nice project. I think what you call your mistakes only make the design your translation and truly your work. Bravo!

wow those came out great!! love them!

Maud these are just beautiful !!!! Clarice

Maud, they are lovely!

The tree mittens are so fabulous that I plan to make them for myself!! You do excellent work in design, selecting patterns and execution!!

Those are beautiful mittens, Maud! What a lovely pattern!!

Those mittens are SPECTACULAR!


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