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One basket weave mitten (but no thumb) and the first Haruha

The first basket weave mitten has hit the top-of-the-mitten finishing line! This mitten is finished with a top that one see quite often on older pictures. Instead of decreasing the top until there are only eight stitches left I stopped the decreases when there were sixteen stitches left. I put together a small demonstration of how to finish a mitten this way.

HPIM7225.JPG The last stitches are still on the needles.
HPIM7226.JPG The stitches have been moved to safety pins.
HPIM7227.JPG The mittens has been turned inside out and the safety pins moved to the wrong side of the mitten. Here have the stitches already been moved to needles again.
HPIM7228.JPG The top stitches have been bind off with a three-needle-bind off. The mitten has been turned with the right side out again.

This way to finish the mitten gives you a slightly broader top, with fewer decreases. If a broader mitten is the goal, then this is a perfect top, with more than sixteen stitches at the end. My daughter's hand is very small and in no way in need of this finishing, but since it was the one Eeva Haavisto has drawn her pattern for, I decided to go for it anyway. The result is very much like what you would have got if you hade grafted the stitches together. I followed the directions given in Mary Olki’s book Kirjokintaita ja muita kansanomaisia neuletöitä for how to do this traditional finishing.


The ribbing of the second mitten is already started. And as my commuter knitting has the Haruha wrist warmers worked perfectly. The yarn I got from my Secret Pal is perfect for this project, and the wrist warmer has a fit like a glove. The pattern is very easy to follow, I warmly recommend it!


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Oj, det var ett häftigt sätt att avsluta vanten på... Den varianten har jag inte sett tidigare, hm. Snacka om att man lär sig mycket ute på internet!!! Var ska man spara allt tro, hihihi.
Själv vet jag inte om jag behöver bredare topp än normalt är i mönstret. Men, man kanske skulle testa på ett par???
Hrm, de där pulsvärmarna VAR härliga, suck. Hrm, yngsta dottern bara älskade det där mönstret, och beställde ALLT ;) Nu hittar jag ju inte garnet Nalle här så det får vara, med finskan, hihihi. Ja, det var även garnkvalitén som lockade henne. Mig med, ;) En härlig höstfärg i garnet , vore helt underbart... Jajaja, då får man väl se om hon hittar fram till något, antagligen inte, hihihi...
Må så gott... värmländskan... kramis... och trevlig helg!!! sticka lugnt...

Kivan näköistä tuo korinpohja kolmella värillä! Minusta tuo leveämpi päättely on kivemman näköinen kuin oikein terävä kolmio, tai riippuen mallista, joihinkin malleihin ainakin sopii paremmin.

That mitten is a work of art. I'm really impressed with the finishing you did on it; very clever to bind off those stitches on the inside. I must use that in the future. Thanks for sharing that tip!

Those are some incredible mittens. I especially like the basketweave. You chose a great color combination.

Todella hienoja ja huolellisesti tehtyjä töitä. Vanhat mallit ovat kauniita.

Do you have The Swedish mitten book, by Inger & Ingrid Gottridsson?, many of the patterns are very simular, no butterflies though

Thanks for taking the time to post instructions for finishing the mittens. They are a really nice shape. I will try to use that finishing technique on the pair I am knitting. As I have said in the past, you knit some intricately designed, beautiful mittens!

YOur mittens are beautiful! Thanks for posting. what is your connection to Finland? Are you Finnish?


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