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New WIP: the Endpaper mitts


My office can be a little bit cold, and in order to find an easy remedy for my cold hands I cast on for the Endpaper mitts by Eunny Jang. I think most are familiar with Eunny’s pattern, but if you aren’t, it’s a freebie from Eunny’s old blog, to be found here. The mitts start with a beautiful elastic Italian cast on. Fabulous instructions on the Italian cast on can be found on Francesca’s blog, complete with video showing how to really do it (I didn’t get the written instructions and pictures at all when I cast on for the Anemoi mittens, but the video, it made finally everything clear for me).

The mitts are knitted on 3 mm dpns, and the yarn is my usual favourite, Vuorelma’s Satakieli.

It has been a bit colder again here in the Helsinki area of Finland, but, alas, no snow. And today has the temperature been on plus side again. December? No, feels more like early November to me. The children have started to worry about the snow, or more precisely, the lack of snow. What if there will be no snow for Christmas? Horrible thought according to them!


Look at the tubular cast on!


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Beautiful! I love oranges and reds together. I can't wait to see the FO. No snow for Christmas in Finland?? Eek!

the color combo is great! Good luck with the snow

Maud , I love the color combination! No snow--visit here--you can get buried with us:-)

Oh, so beautiful. And thank you for the tubular CO link.

Oh, so beautiful. And thank you for the tubular CO video link.

Umm, very very nice mittens. I think I'll add them to my list of Christmas knitting!! I've been making one sock, one mitten, etc., for presents and then will tell the recipient that I'll make the other after christmas. Not enough time to do everything!!

You will love those mitts for keeping your hands warm, Maud. They really work and you still have your fingers free for typing. I have a pair at work and knitted a pair for my office mate also.

What a warm color combination you've chosen! Can't wait to see how they turn out. I would love to try these but I am so far behind in Christmas knitting!

I so enjoy reading about your knitting and your family life in Finland

Lovely start to the mitts. As for snow, we had 40 cm on Sunday. I have some to spare. :)

I hope your Christmas is a white one. All the best.

Orange and red really seems to make a pretty couple. How come I dont ever have encourage to put strong and warm colors together..Your mitts going to be so pretty!

Merry merry Christmas to you!

Minun silmäni lämpiää yhä enemmän tälle mallille. Ihanat värit ja lanka on kyllä muutenkin kaunis - saakohan Satakieltä Helsingistä jostain?

I love these gloves. Yours are looking great so far! I'm going to knit these next!


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