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Paistu mittens and on-line pals


The Paistu mittens are finished! It became a fast knit, but what to do when Satakieli and 2mm bamboo needles are so good in one’s hand. I knitted the mittens for myself, and the size, 20 cm hand circumference and 26 cm length is perfect. I don’t like too short mittens; you only get the cold wind and snow into your jacket with them.


Project details: Paistu mittens by Nancy Bush for Piecework July/August 2006.
Yarn: Vuorelma’s Satakieli, 100 % wool in the colours gold (199), natural (003) and blue (966).
Needles: Susannah’s bamboo, 2mm 15 cm long.
Gauge: 40 stitches and 39 rows for 10 x 10 cm.
Alterations: I don’t know if this is an alteration, but I finished the top of the mitten with a two-wick decrease.

Here is a close up of the top of the mitten. I haven’t got an answer from the editors of the Piecework magazine, and since I have only one set of short 2mm bamboo dpns (and I wanted them free for the next mitten project), I decided to make a two-wick decrease after the directions in Nancy Bush’s book Folk knitting in Estonia.


The decrease described for the thumb, called one-stitch decrease, is the same as a one-wick decrease, and the picture to the pattern show that the top of the mitten is supposed to have a decrease that is forming two parallel rows of stitches along the sides of the top. The decrease described as a two-stitch decrease won’t do that, it makes a similar one-stitch decrease as the thumb decreases (I tested it out, identical according to me). So I decided to go for the two-wick decrease. I further, in order to make the decrease neater, knitted the stitch that next time was about to be part of the decrease with the golden yarn. This avoids white stitches to shine through the decrease stitch rows, and even if the stitched should have been white, it will be almost concealed under the decrease. You can’t see that it is knitted with the wrong colour.


I also got a reminder of how wonderful it is to have knitting buddies. This parcel arrived in the beginning of the week, and it has travelled all the way from Lyon. I’m sure I’m the last one to get the Mason-Dixon book (it has always been sold out when I have been looking for it), but I’m so happy that I finally have it in my knitting library, it is just as great as everybody says. And the fabric, what can I say more than that I love it. Thank you Becky! And, talking about Becky, go and take a peak at Becky’s blog. She finished a lovely Crinkle from Rowan 39 (in black, wow) just a couple of days ago, and is modelling it together with a bustier of her own design. Fluffa! is the way to go, if you haven't visited her before. Bravo Becky!


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Snyggt jobbat. Du har valt riktigt fina färger till vantarna.


Those mittens are gorgeous. I've been a coward about starting fair isle or other multi colored knitting, but these mittens and your Nancy Bush socks make me want to start! Glad to see you have MDK- very fun projects. Can't wait to see what you make from it!

What amazing mittens! Really fantastic.

And really, how cool that you have a copy of our book, way up there in Finland. So thrilled to think that you're reading it so far away.

Finally, YES! Becky is totally the way to go. She is a constant inspiration.

Jättesnygga vantar!

Oj... redan färdiga??? hrm, jaha säger man väl bara då... grattis till nya vantar i vinter, hihihi... stickor 2, och klara på... Hm, nä vill inte räkna, ;)
Hrm, sist med att få till en boken i sin hylla??? Nopp, jag har den INTE, men jag vill, ;p. Men, än ser jag den inte där, hm, konstigt va???
Må så gott... en Sjöbackabo på irrvägar ute på nätet... kramis

beautiful mittens!! I'm gathering the courage to try knitting mulit colored mittens.

Todella ihanat lapaset!! Olet kyllä ahkera ja nopea neulomaan!

Those mittens are a gorgeous piece of work! I like how the top looks; it almost looks like cording.

Enjoy the book! I cherish my copy and I had to make sure that you had one, too. Isn't it somethin'?

Those mittens are gorgeous! I love the delicate pattern. I had not known about the two-wick bind off before. It fits these mittens perfectly.

PS: Online pals like Becky are a find!

Beautiful mittens! That is a great idea how you are working the decreases, knitting the two stitches in the same color the row before. I'll have to remember that next time.

The mittens are beautiful. And I completely agree with you on too short mittens! The two-wick decrease creates a lovely detail on them,


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