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May 07, 2008

Shawl pin and Autumn Rose

Huh, time flies! Repotting season is driving to it's end, and it's time to start tie together all ends that has been hanging around untied for over a month. Just to give a picture of how time consuming spring work on bonsais can be, I can tell you that I had a friend over last Sunday and we worked on a pine for over six hours. It was a long neglected tree I bought last year, and it needed a lot of thinning out and wiring, but still.

But over to knitting. First of all, a little bit more than a month ago I got a beautiful gift from the very talented Leslie Wind. Leslie makes shawl pins and closures, and other types of jewelery too. She blogs together with Maureen McMahon at Folly Cove Fiber Freaks. It's a shawl closure made of sterling silver, light, but still with clasps long enough to keep the shawl in place. Thank you Leslie! Here is the closure attached to a shawl:


and here with the clasps free:


In the middle of April I also finished Autumn Rose. I haven't got modeled pictures yet, but here is a sneak peak, evidence of really having finished it. I hope to get modeled pictures soon.


I have started a new pair of socks, in a beautiful hand-dyed yarn by VillaMokka. The pattern is Latvian socks from Nancy Bush's Folk socks.

Edit: here is a not completely sharp modeled picture of Autumn Rose:



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