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The second Rosebud mitten is started, and FO Pomatomus socks.

The weather in the south of Finland has been grey and rainy for days. Yesterday did it clear up, so I hauled out yarn and needles for the second Rosebud mitten. I have longed to start the second mitten for some time already, but wanted to include a short tutorial on how to make the fringe at the beginning of the mitten. The weather and not good enough camera flashes have prevented me from starting them until now. This is the way Mary Olki teaching to cast on a fringe on a traditional Finnish mitten. The directions are from 1950’s, and can be found in her book Kirjokintaita ja muita kansanomaisia neuletöitä

DSC00919.JPG Cast on the required amount of stitches.
DSC00921.JPG After knitting one stitch, move the yarn around a flat piece of wood or plastic, from the front to the back.
DSC00923.JPG After two stitches and three loops in one colour, knit the next stitch with both colours, and make the next loop with the new colour.
DSC00929.JPG All cast on stitches are knitted and fringed. Remove the wooden measure.
DSC00930.JPG Knit next row with the main colour. Knit every stitch trough the stitch and the underlying stitch from the cast on row.
DSC00931.JPG After the first row, straight out all the fringes by inserting a needle trough the loops and gently thug them down.
DSC00932.JPG Continue knitting in pattern.

This week was disturbed knitting wise by an exam, but the Pomatomus socks were finished and blocked in the beginning of the week. They are warm and nice to wear, and I like them a lot. The yarn, Piece of Beauty’s Robe&Bowl yarn is so soft and nice in the hands. It lost a little bit of red dye in the wash, but not enough to change the colours visible.


The colour is off as usual with flash. This yarn is not flash friendly!

Project details:
Pattern: Pomatomus by Cookie A. for Knitty
Yarn: Piece of Beauty 100 % wool in the colour Robe & Bowl, 85 grams.
Needles: 2,75 mm dpns.
Alterations: I did only two pattern repeats in the leg part of the socks.


And more miniatures: The bears got a scarf from the rest 15 grams of the Piece of Beauty yarn. Pattern: Shifting sand by Grumperina. Needles: 2 mm. If you cable without cable needle, try it out! It is a fun pattern, and easy to knit.


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Thank you for taking the time to make the wonderful fringe cast on tutorial! I have bookmarked the permalink for the future!
The Pomatomus socks are so pretty!

Imagine, I never remember if I write to you in english or swedish. Nevertheless, great tutorial! Soon as I can I'm casting on for mittens, never tried it before. I think I will have it a go with the fringes when I do.
Socks looks great to and you know I adore your miniatures!
Take care and have a wonderful christmas!

What a pretty fringe for mittens; thank you for the tutorial. And I'm very glad the bear has a scarf to keep him warm. ;-)

Thanks so much for the lesson. I think you should have a category on your blog titled "Lessons" and then you could put all of your helpful hints there. I like to see and read how you knit the gems you knit.

That's a great method! I've used a modified yarn over to get fringe but your way looks easier! YOs are such a pain to deal with, I think.

Pomatomus socks look great! I'm thinking of that Grumperina pattern for a scarf for my husband. We'll see!

Dina Pomatomusar blev fina och vilka söta nallekläder! Ha en skön jul!

I have just discovered mittens from Latvia, and they use this teknique much that you are showing here. What a coincidence! Than you very much for taking the time :-)


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