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The Anemois - finished!


I’m ready for the cold days, or at least, my hands are. In my heart I hope for many warm and beautiful, clear autumn days to come, and I can very well do with a minimum of cold days. To be honest, whispering, I could even skip the snow, end of whisper.

The pattern of the Anemoi mittens is a delight to knit. I have said it before, and I have nothing against repeating myself: Eunny is a wizard when it comes to pattern making. And I like very much the asymmetry of the colour pattern. The Anemoi mittens were a fast knit, and a nice knit.


Project details:

Pattern: Anemoi mittens by Eunny Jang
Yarn: Vuorelma’ s Satakieli in grey (957) and white (001)
Needles: 2,5 mm dpns.
Alterations: I like mittens that have quite narrow ends, and thus I didn’t follow Eunny’s decreases, but decreased on every row, and when I had 14 stitches left, that are the border stitches, I transferred the stitches to the inside and made a three-needle-bind-off there over 2x7 stitches. I find it very hard to graft in two colours, but if any of you have a good description on how to do that, please let me know. Grafting is more beautiful than the three-needle-bind-off, so I’m all for learning something new.



Yup, it's getting cooler and here come the gloves and socks again. They look super toasty.

Beautiful in grey and white!I love this swirly pattern, but have yet to make them...
(and the top looks perfect)

I do like the colours you have chosen, very nice mittens!

I am at a rare point right now where I have nothing physically on the needles being knit. Though lots that is about to be... And I am SORELY tempted to start another pair of these now! They are gorgeous Maud - I like your modifications to the top of the mittens, just beautiful!

Gorgeous! I think I'm going to add these into my queue - they really are very nice.

Wow those are gorgeous!!! I love the Anemoi's. I need to get on the ball and make me some too! Congrats on such beautiful ones

They look lovely!

Those are beautiful! Your stuff is so inspiring! I also loved the socks of the last post, the color, the design...can't wait to see them finished!

Beautiful! And interesting to hear about the modification. :)

Ah, Maud, you've done it again! Absolutely beautiful! I started doing some two-colour practice for my first pair of mittens last night - can't wait to show you the finished product!

Awesome mittens, Maud! Every time I make mittens like this I always have one slightly smaller than the other. I think my knitting relaxes once I've worked the pattern through once.

Hi Maud, Both pairs of mittens are beautiful and the socks will be great too! I think your finishing detail on the tips of the Annemoi mittens and the fringe on the flying birds are both fabulous!!

Yes!! So nice!!
One of my favorites of Eunny!!
You can knit like the wind, so fast.

Ihanat lapaset tuli! Minäkin tykkään enemmän tuollaisista suippopäisistä lapasista kuin siitä alkuperäisestä tylpästä kärjestä.

Beautifully done! I loved knitting this too!

I love the mittens. Great pattern work.

Stunning they are! How I wish I could get into Fair Isle knitting! Enjoy your mittens!

Ovatpa ne kauniit. Mielestäni malli toimii parhaiten juuri tällaisilla rauhallisilla väriyhdistelmillä.

They're wonderful! :)

They're really beautiful!


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