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Second FO for October, the German socks


Looks like I’m on a finishing roll, already second finished project for this month, and we are still in the first week (ok, I admit, a pair of socks and a pair of mittens, and both knitted mostly last month, but still). Hanna’s German socks got actually finished a couple of days ago, but I didn’t get modelled pictures until today. She is very pleased with them, and I think they fit her long and narrow feet very well.


Project details: Pattern: cables patterns from the book Stricken Tracht und Landhausstil by Lena Fuchs, basic sock set up my own. Yarn: Fortissima socka in grey and forest green. Needles: 2mm dpns.



I have started to knit up a pair of Rosebud mittens. The pattern is written, but I'm knitting a pair in order to check in on the details, and to provide an other colour combination than the one I used for the first pair. Report will follow. I have also started a Print O'The Wave stole with some Wetterhoff yarn I have. I'm not really sure about that one, perhaps the yarn is too thin, but report on that project will also follow, as soon as I've got a little more knitted.


Those are cute. I like the detail of the stitch and the nice heel. It looks like there was a lot of 'knit through back loop' which I find challenging especially on small dpns.


I really like these socks a lot. Great job!

wow! These are beautiful. I love the cable work.

I really like your socks. They inspire me.

Great stitch definition. I love cabled socks.

Hanna is one lucky girl, those are some beautiful socks.

You just can't stay away from those Eunny designs can you :) I am positive your Print O'The Wave stole will stunning.

will be stunning...oy!

Ooooooooo they are great!!!
Where do you have the time to make those lovely knit-tings??
I also love the little edge with a different colour

love the cable sock and love the blue

I love those socks, they look so nicely knit.

Those are beautiful socks, Maud. Your knitting skills continue to amaze me. I hope your children appreciate these wonderful things you make for them.

aw, they're so cute!

Taas ihanat! Tykkään tuosta Fortissimasta kuviollisissa sukissa tosi paljon.

These socks are so cute!

What beautiful twisted cable combinations - I love these socks!

Beautiful socks! Love them!

They are really nice! I wish that pattern were in English; I'd love to do some like these.

Those are great!

Those ae beautiful!

They are some very handsome socks!! I love the cable patterns. Great stuff!!

These are just perfect! 100% perfect! Well done -again :)

Stunning socks! I love the pattern. Hope the recipient appreciates the hard work.

Great socks, great pattern. Hope the recipient is appropriately appreciative.

Pretty socks!

Det er nogle meget smukke ting du laver. Dine Rosebud Mittens er skønne!


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