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The German socks – almost finished


There is not much left on the German socks, only the toe of the second sock. I had lost some of my sock inspiration when I saw a pair of seriously cool socks, and decided to finish my socks before I started a new pair. Go over to Mel’s blog and take a peak on her Chuck’s cabled socks. What an inspiration, and just what the knitting doctor would have ordered to get my socks finished!


Beautiful! What pattern is that?

Your socks are beautiful! So is Mel's - that's some fancy sockwork!

I love it that there are so many inspiring knitters and patterns available to us now. Oh to have the time to do them all.

Yours aren't to shabby either :) So what is it your itching to start next?

Lovely socks!

Well I love the German Socks AND Chucks! If I wasn't so sick of 2 color knitting, I'd start Chucks immediately - they are such a great combo of cables and stranded colorwork!

Oh Maud, thank you so much for the love. You just made my day - again! It means an awful lot, you're one of my knitting gurus ;)

Your German socks are wonderful - and perfectly knit, as always! I love the way the cabling on the back flows so smoothly into the heel. What pattern is it?

Maud...can you hear me ooohing and awhhing? They are beautiful and look so soft.

great job.

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