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The reason for not blogging, commenting or knitting

I have been a very slack knitter and blogger lately. I have read a lot of very comment asking blog entries, but still not given myself the time to comment. And the reason is here:


May I present Ludde, the Afghan hound puppy.

Ludde is today 13 weeks, but has not been by us even a week. He’s charming, interesting, already a real afghan in attitude, but at the same time he can’t hold him self back and behave like a puppy after less than five seconds of the afghan attitude. He’s leaking like a sieve, like all puppies. But I’m getting better on knowing him and reading his signs, and a lot of potential disasters when done inside the house, has been done outside. If you want to see pictures of adult Afghans, here is a link to pictures of his Dad Tack and his Mum Chica.

He’s eating raw food, which is a lot of grated vegetables and raw meat and bones. The freezer is filled with bones and meat. Strange addition to the pesto and ragu sauces and home made ice cream we used to fill it with.

Sometimes he seems to miss his old family. He lived with three adult Afghans (well, Roosa, the youngest, is only one year old, so technically not adult), two small children and their parents. Being at home with me is boring, and he is happiest when our four children come home from school. He is very playful, and his baby teeth are very sharp. He already knows that it’s generally bad idea to taste bonsai trees, and that the canaries are best left in the cage. He also seems to think goldfish are like the TV, one can look at them for a long time, as one can with the ducks in the pond outside. But most of the time he just sleeps.

Exploring the grounds and the closest area around our house takes time, and there are many leaves to turn around and inspects. He’s hilarious to look at, and a master of mimics.

I have spend way too much time reading books, food forums, afghan hound forums, sight hound forums and generally surfing the net. My younger afghan hound* died almost 15 years ago, and folks, things have changed. It’s almost like getting an afghan for the first time, only I know how much work there is with the coat and how much the afghan needs to move in order to stay sound. But how you treat the coat is different, what you feed the dog is different, and for sure, there will be a lot of other things that are different too. Fifteen years is a long time.


*I had two afghan hounds when I was a teenager, Ch Tuohi-Tikan Husaari (Husku, who also loved racing, even if he wasn’t very fast), and Tuohi-Tikan Liki (Maxi, with CACs from both Finland and Sweden when he suddenly became ill, and his show career was past time). Both lived until well over twelve years old, but spent their last years with my parents. Taking the old dogs with me when I moved to my study apartment was not an option


Onnea uuden perheen jäsenen johdosta! Koiran pennut teettävät paljon töitä, mutta onneksi niistä saa myös roppakaupalla hupia. :)

He looks WONDERFUL, truly an amazing 'model' :-)

Looking forward to seeing him grow up to be as beautiful as the parents, more WOW!


Ohhhh, how cute!

I had an Afghan dog when I was a kid. She tought me how to walk. I grabbed on the the fur and walked along side her. Very freindly dog. Even though she was an Afghan.
I want one too!

Look handsome with attitude. Will keep you exercised too?

He is so beautiful.

Congratulations- a new puppy is the best! Sounds like you are quite the dog parents- raw food diet? Our dog is stuck with kibble. He's beautiful!

Oh he's so very handsome! and what attitude - so very regal looking.

You know getting a puppy is just like having another kid :)

Voi ihaana! What a gorgeous dog! I've been wondering what you've been up to...now I know - you've had your hands full! I miss my doggy in Australia and seeing your dog reminds me of all the wonderful times dogs can bring to a family.

Congratulations on your fifth child!


oh, puppy! What a gorgegous fellow.

Oooh, congratulations on getting such a great puppy! Afghan hounds are really handsome dogs. I imagine they do require a lot of grooming, but I am sure he's worth the trouble. :)

So sweet!! And a lot of work!!
Have a nice time with this beautiful dog.

Onpa Ludde komea pentu, onnea! :-)

Tiedustelisin vielä, että mistä mahdoit tilata Jamieson's Spindriftiä Venezia-paitaasi? En ole etsinnöistä huolimatta löytänyt nettikauppiasta täältä Euroopasta.

He's beautiful! Very regal! Congrats on your new addition!

Ihana vauva!
Jälkimmäinen kuva on ihana:). Mikä hönö.

He is pretty, if that is possible for a boy. But oooh, all the hair. I already have "tumblehair" in my house and my dog is a golden retriever/chow mix.

Ludde is such a doll! I adore him and his cute nose.

Oh Maud, what a beautiful puppy! Things must be quite interesting around your house now. Congratulations on your newest family member.

He's so handsome!

I have never seen such a gorgeous dog! He looks like he is going to win everyones hearts!

Åh... snacka om att de är gulliga... när de är små (?) ;)
Må så gott... värmländskan... kramis, ngn som dock lider av att vår vovve bestämt sig för att byta till vinterpäls nu!!! Drivor av hundhår inomhus... när hon GÅR ser man håren falla mot golvet, suck...

Voi mikä uusi perheenjäsen! Varsin ylväs ihan noin pentunakin. Ymmärrän hyvin kiireisyytesi, pennuista ja aikuisistakin lemmikeistä on tosiaan puuhaa.

What a cutie! You sure have your work cut out with this one! Still a baby and already so big! ;o) Looking forward to see many more pictures of him!

Maud he is so regal looking! If I didn't know the Queen had corgi's I might think she would have one of these:-) We love big dogs here--after our Mastiff passed last year my husband is just starting to think of getting another--he has his eye on a St. Bernard! If I ever get back to Switzerland the dog will fit right in with us...LOL!

Onnea perheenlisäyksestä! Isä ja äiti näyttävät aivan mahtavan uljailta. Ja pentu itsekin, se on minusta aika ison näköinen!

Meilläkin on pakastimessa paljon lihaa, luistakin. On aika käsittämätöntä, millaista ruokaa markkinoilla on lemmikeille.

What a perfect dog to complete your family and I don't think he is posing. What fun for the children,someone to romp with, have fun. I've seen how big they grow.
Betty Kaun

What a perfect dog to complete your family and I don't think he is posing. What fun for the children,someone to romp with, have fun. I've seen how big they grow.
Betty Kaun

He is very sweet Maud :) Dogs are such wonderful additions to the family!! Welcome little (not for long!) Ludde!

What a sweet pup! He's probably growing in front of your eyes!

Your pup is majestic, and look at those paws! I also feed raw to my dogs and cats- it has given a second kittenhood to the old ones.
Oh, the knittings not bad either!!

Yes I know that the animated tv-serie about rhubarb (spelling??), the afghan pup, is not drawn to be handsome, but now I see the original and I understand why they draw like they did. That nose is ... wow!

When we got a pup eight years after the last time I understood I was eight year older. Pew! The new one was with turbo.

He's beautiful! Puppies are leaky "little" things. Oy.

Just for fun and to teach him how to find things, throw carrots and green pepper strips instead of a ball. Entertains my dog to no end and keeps me giggling when he gets nutty trying to get one out from under something.

What a cute puppy, what a lot of work!1

Oh my gosh! The look on his face is priceless! He's adorable. :)

Congratulations on your beautiful new puppy! They have the most wonderful coats to stroke and are so smart looking. Love the grey socks, too! Nancy


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