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Muuttolintuset - finished!


The Small migrating birds mittens, or Muuttolintuset in Finnish, are finished. All in all a pleasurable knit. The fringe, done last after the mittens were knitted from the fingers down to the cuff, is knitted according to the instructions in Anna Zilboorg’s book Magnificent mittens. When I started these mittens I was a little bit bored with always doing things the same way, and I therefore decided to do it upside down. These mittens should be knitted from the cuffs up, using the fringe I earlier have done a tutorial to. But it was fun to for once doing in other wise, and now I’m very at ease with knitting the traditional way again.

Project details:
Pattern: Muutolintuset from Jalasjärvi, from Eeva Haavisto’s book Sataa kansanomaista kuviokudinmallia.
Yarn: Black Novita Wool, teal Drops Alpaca (double in the ässänväärä and cuff)
Needles: 2, 5 mm dpns.



Så vackra!

Beautiful Maud, just beautiful!!!!

the mittens are just gorgeous. They look really sturdy and warm ...just as the weather is starting to turn cold.

Beautiful mittens! I love those two blues together.

Looks so warm and cozy! Great colors!

Ooooooooooooo, they are beautiful!! Lets hope there's goning to be a very cold winter, so they can be used a lot!

These are so pretty, those blue colors look nice together.

Voi mahoton miten kauniit lapaset!

Great mittens, the long cuff is so good, I hate that gap you get when the sleeve goes up and the cold gets in!

Otroligt vackra och passar verkligen till den vackra flickan. Läckra färger och mönster.

Maud - they are lovely! Just perfect - I love the pattern and I love the fringe and looked at the tutorial, thank you for sharing that.

Oh yes - I am so glad it is mitten season - They are just beautiful, Maud!! I love the colors, pattern, cuff, fringe - gorgeous mittens!

Just gorgeous, Maud! Your knitting skills continue to amaze me!

Wonderful mittens! I'm sure they'll get lots of use. Thanks for your comments about my Cherry top. I'm still mulling over what to do about the neckline, but since I'm wearing it today, I'm not too worried!

Wonderful mittens. :-)

Hei Maud, you're an inspiration! I've just moved to Finland and am a little bit scared of the coming winter and your mittens have inspired me to prepare for the season in style. Thanks!

They are pretty and I like how the birds appear to fly up and away from the "lake" on the cuff.


Gorgeous mittens as always :)

The mittens are beautiful and look so warm!

I've just found your blog by following links from Ravelry.
Lovely mittens. Thank you so much for sharing your information, your pictures and your projects.

What beautiful mittens! I'm still looking for a copy of Eeva Haavisto's book I wanted to thank you for illustrating some of the patterns so beautifully :)

Hello, my name is Gudvin, I like yours blog.


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