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Give me some buttons, please! Pearls or shells, no matter, but now! All my seams are sewn, all ends are finished, I have got a nice tour on the blocking board, and I deserve buttons. I even fit the person who is going to wear me, so there is no reason for not sewing in buttons. Except that they aren't bought, and there were none in the button stash. But that's a detail, isn't it?
P.S Venezia is sending her greetings, she got quite a lot of attention last evening. Like almost one pattern repeat. There are about four pattern repeats before the arm steeks, two and a half to go. She is happy.


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Wow, looking good!

Beautiful cardigan!! I want to look at it even closer! I keep clicking hoping it will get huge so I can see details!

turned out soooo beautiful! hope you'll find the perfect buttons soon!

Voi miten kaunis tuli! Olen kateudesta ihan tuon paidan värinen! :)

semmoiset helmiäisnapit ois aivan ihanat tuon keväisen värin kanssa :) Todella kaunista, taas!

hups, ja kuinkas sitten kävikään... ruokiksella piti käydä ostamassa tuohon paitaan langat! Miehelle kyllä sanon, että se oli Maudin vika, kun houkutteli sillä lailla... ;)

love the color, love the sweater -- tell us about what yarn you used -- cotton? kudos again to you!

Beautiful cardi. Can't wait to see the buttons!

That will look swell with some buttons. I see pearls but I am kind of a pearl girl.

Maud, The sweater is beautiful. We have a great LYS here in Utah that has some truly wonderful buttons. But that is a little far for you to travel for buttons! I hope you find some buttons that are just are gorgeous.

What a beautiful elegant cardi. Love the color.

I also LOVE Venezia. She is looking mighty fine!

Hello! I am also making Venezia and it is taking me ages, so I was very pleased to see someone else making it too. Are we the only ones????!



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