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Venezia has finally reached the armhole steeks. I’m pretty pleased with the fit of the pullover. My main concern right now is the neck opening. I’m not that fond of the boat-neck opening, it is not a model working perfect on me. I think you should have quite feminine shoulders in order to wear it beautifully. I have spent my life carrying children, working in the garden, and for years doing regular exercises in the gym, and it has left my shoulders everything but graceful and elf like. Wearing a boat-neck sweater makes me look like a beer bottle with a boat-neck sweater, not a too attractive thought.


So I’m toying with the idea of adding a V-neck opening instead. On the picture to the right is a measure added where I imagine neck opening would be. What do you think? I’m not very fond of making big alterations on patterns, but I’m not going to knit Venezia in order to have her collecting dust in the cupboard. And if you support my idea of a V-neck, how would you knit the edge of the opening? Would the double knit as used for the bottom body and the arm cuffs be too heavy? (I guess the only right answer to this question is try it out, but still, I’m interested in your input).

And on the spring cardi front: still no buttons.


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Röstar för att behålla båthalsen. När jag exempelvis ser på den senaste bilden på dig med Argyle ser du verkligen både älvlik och graceful ut! Men om du vågar ändra blir det säkert snyggt så också. Lycka till, det ser jättetjusigt ut hittills!

Oh Maud - it is just gorgeous!
Here is a fellow blogger whose posts might help: http://beckiknits.blogspot.com/2007/02/ho-hum.html
She adapted a fair-isle sweater from Sweaters from Camp to be a lovely V-neck. In theory, I think the double knit would be fine - and would nicely balance the edging at the bottom and the sleeves - but I am relatively inexperienced. Do you plan to steek the V-neck or knit back & forth?

wow you've come a long way! it's looking fantastic.

if you don't like the way a boat neck looks on you then you're doing the right thing. i myself know i can't carry off a regular crew neck (so i always alter a pattern if there's a crew neck.

i think it would look just as nice with a V. i would try the double edge (like the bottom) first because i think it's a nice detail to bring the top together. i'm guessing you'd do a neck steek though so there might be a lot of fabric there. i think it will look nice but i agree, you never know until you actually try it.

It's looking just gorgeous - and I think the Vneck will be beautiful. Here's a link to a fellow blogger who's posts might help -
She adapted a pattern from Sweaters from Camp to be a Vneck. In theory I don't think the doubleknit edging would be too heavy, and it would nicely balance out the edging at the bottom and cuffs, but I am relatively inexperienced. Do you plan to steek the Vneck or knit back and forth? I can't wait to see your modifications!

Wow, siitä tulee tosi upea! V-kaulus on takuulla kaunis!

Wow- looks amazing. I really like the idea of a vneck too. The link that mel put up there shows a similar sweater, and I think it looks great. I agree you should try the doubleknit edge, but it could end up heavy. Trial and Error is the only way to go here! Good luck!

It's coming along beautifully and I think the V-neck will look good. I don't have any experience with that kind of pattern adaptation, but hope others will come to the rescue. :)

I see Mel's already linked me, but thought I'd mention that I'd done something similar. It's quite easy to do, and I think makes a world of difference - I'm not too fond of boatnecks, myself. I did mine with a steek and a knitted hem which was folded back and seamed, and the double layer was not too thick at all, so I think your plan should work as well. Let me know if you would like any more help, and good luck! Looks lovely so far.

Your Venezia is coming along beautifully...and you sure are a fast knitter! I think the v-neck is a good idea. I am going to do a scooped neckline on mine. I am almost to the armhole steeks and will be starting my neck steek a couple rows after that. I charted the whole sweater out in Excel to get an idea of how it will look. I am planning to pick up and knit the neckline like the double layer bottom band. In theory I think it will look nice...I guess time will tell. :)

It looks very nice! I agree that you should not knit the boat-neck, it is not feminine at all. You can considere a wide round neck?

It looks great! I also would prefer a V-neck, and I would try the double knit edge!


I love the way your Venezia is coming together. How thick is the double knit edge. Depending on how you treat the deep portion of the v-neck, it may be too thick at that part.

Hi and thank you for all your input! I'm withouth e-mail access for the weekend, so I'll comment later on. Right now I think I'll go for a V-neck.

I actually considered the exact same alteration on mine. In the end I decided not to do it because I was worried that the fabric would curl awkwardly, but having now blocked it I actually think you'd be OK. It's funny, I feel like boat necks aren't great for me either, not because of my shoulders but because my neck slopes forward (bad posture) so they come up really high in front and really low in back. And with this yarn, that means really itchy on your neck.

The Venezia is looking amazing. Just one thought: What about i-cord edging at the neck with the same yarn as on the other edges. It's not as thick, but has a similar style. Like the one here: http://wendyknits.net/archives/000297.html I think the double knit edging could work well too.

Hi Maud. I think it's a good idea to make a v-neck. First, I thought that i should be the same kind than the other edges, but then, I started thinking it might in deed be a bit heavy. But what if you did the neckline with blue yarn? I think it would lighten the weight on it. It would sort of blend in a bit more. Just an idea, don't know if it would work...

It's so beautiful! I'm amazed at your ability and technical know-how in order to adjust it to be a v-neck.

The Venezia is stunning. As for finishing the v-neck, I am a fan of applied I-cord for a very nice finished edge with no bind off. Elizabeth Zimmerman's books show how to do this.


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