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Time is flying...

Uh, it has been quite some time since I last posted. The days have been so filled with non-knitting relating things and events that I haven’t even got time to check out what you have been up to. Time for a blog round later today!


There has not been much knitting going on during these weeks either, and there have been more days when I haven’t touched my needles at all than those when I have actually knitted. But I managed to finish the back and the fronts of the spring cardi and I seamed the shoulder seams and put it blocking this morning. As soon as the body has dried I’ll knit the front bands and then seam the rest of the seams. I haven’t found buttons yet, but I have something pearly in mind.

Venezia hasn’t grown almost at all. This has again to do with the limited knitting time and Venezia’s demand of one’s concentration. I am still on the first pattern repeat, but I have already decreased four times, feels like a small victory when the stitches are getting fewer and fewer.


I wanted something desperately a couple of weeks ago. In order to get things my way I had to make an economic sacrifice. I promised my husband to not buy any yarn for, gulp, six months. The end date is October 18th, and this will end up in, I hope, a very creative use up of my yarn stash. I don’t have too many kilos of yarn, but there is enough for one sweater, perhaps even a vest, and lots of smaller items. Let’s see what I will come up with!

Weather wise has winter returned. We are, after warm and beautiful spring days, down in just 4 degrees C today. Brrrr. The sun is shining and it looks so good, but being outside demands warm wool sweaters.


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Six Months? Six Months?! You are a kind and brave wife...
Hope you get more knitting time in, and I know you'll find lots to do with even a limited stash.

I like being forced to "pick from my stash" - well not forever, but for a limited amount of time it's good. From the blocking view, you spring cardigan looks like it will be pretty...and Venezia of course is gorgeous - at least with colorwork knitting you can see that you are getting somewhere even if your not getting there fast!

6 months!?! Let us know if we can send you emergency yarn!

Oh, the problems of self constraint and budget management!!! I easily have enough yarn for several years. So, if you need something, let me know. I've got a little of everything. In fact, I still have all the yarn that I purchased in Sweden and Norway in 2001!!! Including some very nice handspun, purchased in an artisan shop in Malmo. I also have some Dale yarn--heilo--to make a coat. Purchased in Bergen. Maybe I also should make a promise to your husband!!

Oh my! 6 months! Your Venezia is going to be beautiful...I read someone else's blog that just finished hers! The spring cardi is beautiful, too! I'm having fun visiting Finnish blogs because I have Finnish roots myself!


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