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And the right answer is...



Yep, after having debating both on the blog and mostly in my head for and against Venezia, the yarn (harsh), the colours (too many) and the difficulty (will take ages), I went ahead and ordered the yarns exactly as Eunny’s pattern states. I have never knitted with Jamieson’s Shetland so I don’t know the feel of the yarn, and I also decided that even if I think many colours in Fair Isle knits isn’t for me, I have in fact never tried out a Fair Isle garment. I have quite a lot of faith in Eunny’s talent to choose colours. And I got a pretty big share of patience when those qualities were handed out to us. It will take some time, but it can’t be an impossible project. It is a challenging pattern, and like all Eunny’s patterns it requires your concentration. But I like a good challenge, and it is time to add difficulty to my colour knitting endeavours.

As usually I started with a sleeve. I think it is good to learn the pattern on a smaller piece, less to rip out if you start with the wrong row (hrm, how do I know you can do that) or if the tension after all is not on the spot. I firmly believe swatches are liars, and what more, evil liars. I do them yes, but I have all too often found that when I’m knitting on a bigger piece than the small swatch my tension loosens up, and even if the swatch was all right, the real piece isn’t.

Here are some finished/almost finished Venezias: Juju has just started her, as has Kimberly. Maria and Soma have finished their, and Girl who knits (don’t know her name) has finished a Venezia in slightly different colours.


This is how far I came on the spring cardi. The good thing for the spring cardi is that while Venezia is a knit not suitable for all knitting occasions, the spring cardi will get it’s constant share of attention, and will not be forgotten on the bottom of the knitting basket.

And last but not least. This is my 100th post on my blog!


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I wish you good luck with that new endeavour! It looks challenging but I am sure you can do it (judging by the rest of your blog!) without too much trouble. And congrats on post #100...

Congratulations on your 100th post. I think you will grow to like the Shetland yarn. It really softens a lot when it is knitted and worn. OK, it's a bit tickly - but it has a lovely homely, cosy character (I think).

Kan inte tro annat än att din Venezia blir precis lika fin som allting annat du tar dig för.
Grattis till den hundrade posten!

Oi, jännää! Enpä ollut nähnyt kenenkään vielä aloittavan tuota, varmaan juuri noista samoista syistä, jotka mainitsit. Minä tykkään mallista, mutta muuttaisin varmaan kaulanaukkoa, kun en tykkää venemallisista. Yleensäkin tykkään Eunnyn malleista, niissä on paljon kivoja yksityiskohtia ja ovat hyvin suunniteltuja.

Great! Welcome on board. I love the Shetland yarn, it blooms very nicely once washed. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Det skall bli skojigt att följa med hur Venezia framskrider.

good luck with your project! the pattern is very beautiful, so are the colors.

I've never thought of starting with a sleeve, but it makes a lot of sense if you are worried about both the pattern and the gauge. Good luck with the project!

I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it- talk about a challenge. The finished ones you've linked to are great inspiration, though.
Happy Knitting!

Congratulations for the 100th
blog! I would love to knit Venezia, too, but I think it is too fitted for me. But it is so beautiful, so good luck with it!

Happy 100th post! All your work is lovely, and I always enjoy checking in to see what you are working on!

Oh I love that sweater - a bit out of my league but I will totally enjoy watching you do the work :)

I often start with a sleeve - it's the usable swatch.

Men om du börjar med ärmen, blir det inte svårt att få mönstret att passa med fram och bakstycket när du kommer till armhålet? Själv tycker jag att det är viktigare att mönstret passar bra på fram och bakstycket, och jag anpassar ärmen därefter, på spets och fairisle stickning. Jag är kort och jag måste ändra på alla mönster – det roliga med stickade plagg är ju att man kan få dem att passa perfekt.

very nice choice! smart decision starting it this time of year too. this way you won't be casting off the last piece only to find it's getting warmer again.

i'm looking forward to watching this one grow on your needles :)

Onnea 100:sta blogauksesta!

Tuo Eunnyn paita on ihana, mutta malli ei ikävä kyllä sovi minun kropalleni. Odottelen mielenkiinnolla neuleen edistymistä. :)

now that looks like a hallenge but what a delight it will be to see it emerging...I can't wait to see more photos! I have added you to my 'feeds' so i can be kept up to date of the progress!

Eunny's patterns are so beautiful and the colours in Venzeia are beautiful together.

Your Spring Cardi is really coming together and looking pretty.

Congratulations on your 100th post! I really enjoy your blog -- how you have time to do all your do and have a family and knit is beyond me! You've inspired me to have a go at more complex mittens for the winter! Best, Allison

Congrats on your 100th post - woo-hoo! And of course it's not impossible - you did Poetry, you can do Venezia and she'll be beautiful! I'm so excited to see how it comes out!


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