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Finished Seiskari mittens

First, thank you for all your comments about the Seiskari mittens! I had a pretty busy week, and haven’t got time to answer you, but thank you to everyone who left a comment!


The kids were playing cards and eating candy

I have actually two FO:s, but only one will be presented today. The bear coat is done, all ends sewn in and blocked, but I haven’t got an opportunity to take pictures of the coat yet.
But finished and pictured are the Seiskari mittens.

HPIM7516.JPG The Seiskari mittens got finished just in time before spring breakout. It’s warm in the sun if it isn’t a windy day, but when it’s cloudy, and in the mornings it’s still very cold. There will be need for mittens and gloves at least a couple of more weeks, I think. The son has already used the mittens, you can see they have been a little bit wrinkled from having been in the mitten basket. He approved them. Do you want to see a close up? Click, click! My intention was to knit these mittens with a flat top, but I decided the pattern would end in more beautiful way with a pointier top. The decreases on the top are three stitches band decreases, and on the thumb one stitch band decreases.

Project details:
Pattern: Seiskari mitten, traditional colour pattern, mitten pattern my own.
Yarn: Isager Tvinni, about 57 grams for teenaged boy hand.
Needles: 2mm dpns.
More: 80 stitches for the rib, 84 stitches for the hand.

Ms toeup.jpgAnd so the WIP pile is once again shortened. And that is a good thing. I have started a sock for my mum, it‘s my “handbag” knitting, small and portable, a basic from the toe up pattern with a feather and fan leg part. I'm using Regias bamboo sock yarn, and it's very nice to knit with. I’ll also be knitting like a busy bee on the spring cardigan. You see, I have ordered yarn for a sweater/pullover, and I’m afraid what is still in WIP stage when those yarns are delivered by my doorstep will remain as a WIP for quite some time. Can you guess what I have ordered?


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congrats on finishing the mittens in time. they look great!

as for the yarn on order...hmm...i'm going to guess a Kim Hargreaves kit.

ps - i LOVE the bamboo colorway you're working on. i don't think i've seen a speckled one like that before.

I think the kit is Clover, Bay or Glee or some other design from the Summer Breeze collection by Kim Hargreaves.
The Seiskari mittens look varm and nice.

I LOVE the mittens.... even better that they are already being used. The sock yarnis very pretty. I love the speckling, should make pretty feather and fan pattern.

Vantarna blev läckra! Bara älskar de färgerna tillsammans... och vill INTE tänka på vad härliga de måsta kännas att ha på sig, ;)
Hm, vad du beställt för garn? Ja, igen aning... MEN, jag skulle INTE bli förvånad om det vore ett kit från Kim, vad hon nu heter, hihihi...
Själv har jag fått stora snurren och skulle faktiskt vilja göra mig en Klaralund i Noro Silk garden, röd-brun variant. Egentligen är det inte jag, men jag gillar den ändå, ;) Tror du man kan få kredit på garnbutiken, hihihi. Ja, om de ens har garnet då vill säga :p
Må så gott... värmländskan... kramis och sticka lugnt... bin kan vänt en stund till, brrr... grå-grå-grå-väder idag med blåst, igår klarblå himmel och iskall blåst... synd att bilder ser så mycket varmare ut än de är, hihihi... tänkte på det när jag bloggade nämligen...

Glömde en sak, :p
Vad är det för underliga bilder på kortleken? Här älskar de att spela kort nämligen - slutat med det jag, ;) Men, någon liknande kortlek, med sådana bilder har jag aldrig skådat tidigare...
Kramis - ngn som VET att detta inte var stickning - men din bild om det, ;)

very beautiful those mittens! both the pattern and the color.

Bellissimi! I mean, beautiful. :)

The Seiskari mittens are beautiful! Pointy top... perfect!
I thought I was done with mittens until the fall, but your mitts make me question that plan.

Maud, your mittens are just beautiful!

The mittens are beautiful!

What handsome mittens! I love how the colors go together! They look great!

Verkligen snygga!!


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