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Argyl's got a back-piece!

Look! I have had a limited computer time, but more knitting time, and the result is to be seen here: one sleeve and a back-piece completed on Argyle. The tension is perfect, the yarn a dream to work with, and with a 4, 5 mm circular needle is this work just flying!

I’m still humming over my colour-work plans, having problem making up my mind on weather to knit Eunny’s Venezia pullover or not. I like the design, but not the amount of colours. I have never been a huge fan of this kind of fair-isle for my self, I admire it but I don’t want to wear it. So I think about knitting it up using just two colours, perhaps two different reds, and a contrast colour for the insides of all hems. Who me, a fan of Solveig Hisdal? Where have you got that from ;-) Do you have an opinion on changing the colours? Please, tell me!


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I love your idea for the Venezia Pullover. I feel the same way about fair isle for myself. I look forward to seeing your interpretation.

Argyle is looking lovely too!

i also love eunny's fairisle, but thought i couldn't take the changing of colors. i'm wondering how it would look with one color solid and the other a variegated? might give the color variations that make the sweater stand out so much. just a thought. stitches west (california, usa) is later this month & i may look for some yarns that are suitable to give it a try. not that i don't already have a number of other items to make from my yarn collection! love your blog.

Yes, you should feel free to change the color in the pattern. I think knitting patterns should only be a guide to those who knit. I have to admit, I didn't know who Solveig Hisdal was until I googled her. I love Fair Isle but it does tend to be warm and thick when you wear it.

Eunnys Venezia har många fina egenskaper. Den ser ut att sitta väl och den har isydd ärm. Jag uppskattar själv att designen är annat än fyrkantigt med nedhasade ärmar. Jag har också tittat på modellen men jag skulle sticka hellånga ärmar, iden´n med slitsar är skojig och den skulle jag säkert behålla.
Färgerna gillar jag inte eftersom jag är mer för kalla, klara färger som rött, rött och rött:)Speciellt illa tycker jag om färgen i hals- och ärmkant. Babybajs tänker jag på. Mönstret skulle säkert fungera med färre antal färger och färgerna nära varandra. Kanske en eller två kontrastfärger för att framhäva mönstret. Kolla t.ex. den här: http://www.virtualyarns.com/scripts/showitem.asp?ID=68
I huvudsak rött och beige.


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