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Weekly update

With an exam lurking in the very near future, this is all I have managed. A weekly update again. I must break this boring trend the week after the exam, I promise.


Argyle is growing steadily. Front and back are done, as is the first sleeve, and the second sleeve is halfway to the sleeve cap. I will not have a lot of knitting time this week, but I hope to be able to finish the second sleeve, and if luck is on my side, have an Argyle finishing party next weekend.


And I have made some progress on the bear coat too. The front steek is machine stitched and cut up. The green yarns show where the sleeves will be stitched and cut up. The pattern is Eunny’s Anemoi, repeated five times over the width of the coat, each repeat mirrored to the one on the side.


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What a wonderful adaptation of the Anemoi pattern! Will the sleeves simply have the smaller pattern motif?

Yes, the sleeves will have the smaller pattern and a bell shape.

Wow, that adaptation of the Anemoi pattern is looking so lovely! How clever! I can't wait to see how it will turn out.

I am enjoying watching your bear coat come to life....it is such beautiful, creative knitting!! The fact that you even came up with the idea to expand Anemoi is amazing to me!

The Bear Coat is going to be fantastic! And I'm a bit in awe over what you produce in a week when you don't have much time to knit!!

Your progress is so impressive! I wish I were as prolific.

Good luck with your exams; I sympathize :-)

Wow, your Bear Coat is gorgeous!

That is a creative adaptation of another pattern. I have the color combination of the bear coat. Good luck with your exams.


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