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Quick update on Bayerische socks


Between reading for an exam and having a class on academic writing, a quick update on the Bayerische socks. The pattern is very well written, but it is asking for concentration, and can be worked on only when there is a possibility to focus on the knitting properly. This is no movie knitting! I have enjoyed it in late evenings before going to bed, when too tired to read, but not tired enough to sleep. And magically, one row after an other has added up to one finished sock, and the second almost halfway down to the heel.
We have our first snow for this season, wet, sticky snow that probably will be gone soon, and a very grey sky. This is the blue season, when taking pictures outside you almost always get this blue hue over everything. But the kids are happy! The first snowballs were done yesterday, and a big heap with wet mittens, hats and scarves was produced.



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They look great, wonderful wool, cables jump out!

Thought these socks were pretty first time I saw them. But in this colour they are totally gorgeous!

Those socks look so gorgeous! I loved the original green socks in the pattern, but I really like how they look in the natural cream color. Lovely work.

Ah, niistä tulee aivan ihanat!! Minkä langan valitsit sukkiin? Minäkin haluan vielä jossain vaiheessa tehdä nuo sukat, mutta Opal (jota minulla ainoastaan sattui olemaan) oli minulle ehdottomasti liian paksua! Kuviot ovat ihanat ja valkoinen väri antaa sukille ihanan tyylikkään ja klassisen ilmeen!

Thank you all! Sari asked about the yarn, it's Regia Silk. Lankana on Regia Silk 2 mm pukoilla.

Those socks look soooooo pretty against the snow. The crossed stitches are so delicate.

Good luck with your exam. I know you'll do well!

Hua, har du kommit SÅ långt på dessa redan? Urk, säger jag, hihihi... Själv letar jag fortfarande garn till dem, ;). Får lov att dregla över dina då så länge, hihihi...
Må så gott... värmländskan... kramis och sticka lite lugnt, ;)

Beautiful socks! I remember when Eunny described them and I was hoping I would start seeing them on other people's blogs.

Well done, yes, I love the color too, the creamy white is my favorite color for socks.

so lovely. someone has lucky feet!

Absolutely beautiful. Enough said. :)

The socks are wonderful. The stitches show up so well in that cream yarn!

WOW! Those are stunning! Wonderful work.


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