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Modelled Haruha pics and progress on the Rosebud mittens

We had pretty hard winds here yesterday, but nothing happened on our yard, no fallen trees or such. The good thing was that all the oak leaves were thrown from the tree by the winds, so we spent Sunday collecting leaves and taking them to the compost heap. The work went so well that I almost forgot to take pictures of my finished Haruhas.


I did knit them with my winter coat in mind, you see those slits? They can be pretty cold when the wind is whirling around one's arms. The Haruhas are much longer than the pattern model, just because I wanted them to cover my lower arms. I will of course also wear gloves, but my gloves are just and just reaching the end of the slits, and from there on will the Haruha take over. But I think they will be pretty useful in cold libraries too.


Project details
Pattern: Haruha by Kristel Nyberg for Ulla neulelehti.
Yarn: 100 % wool from Greece, given to me by my still very Secret Pal.
Needles: 3 mm.
Alterations: I did knit them longer. There are four medallions on the cuff of the model, I have seven.

See all entries on Haruha.


And there has been some progress made on the Rosebud mittens too. They look even more uneven than in real life, sight. But they will even out after a good soak and blocking, I know. The Bayrische socks are also coming along nicely, but I forgot to take a picture before it got too dark for it. Another day, friends.

All this knitting on small needles has made me long for a bigger needle project. With father's day coming up, I'm thinking about a Sharfik by Grumperina in lovely soft Jaeger Extrafine Merino and 4 mm needles. And I do still have some Rowan Linen Drape, that would need to be knit up on about 3,5 mm. The two balls in light lilac would make a lovely shawl for my younger daughter, but what to do with 5 balls in dark purple. A top would be one solution, but I'm open for ideas.


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Pretty, pretty, pretty! You alway chose lovely knitts.

Those fingerless mittens are beautiful. I was wondering where you found the pattern. Too bad I don't read Finnish! Seeing them with the coat makes me miss the cold- we lived in Minnesota for 6 years (the US version of Scandinavia). Hope they keep you warm all winter. Can't wait to see Sharkfin-I've been looking at that too.

beautiful! the colour looks very nice with your coat

those rosebud mittens will be beautiful! i have also that uneven-problem with my socks. and i like the colour on your haruhas!

Hi, I'm visiting from the warm hands KAL and I just want to say that your Haruhas are beautiful as are your in progress Rosebud mittens! I especially want to thank you for the demonstration of finishing off your Basketweave mittens (which are also absolutely gorgeous) I have never seen that technique before and will try it on my next mittens!

The Haruhas are gorgeous! I really like that deep colorway. The rosebud mittens look wonderful too.

kämmekkäät näyttävät tosi hyviltä, kiinnostaisi tehdä joko nuo tai sitten baudelaire-kämmekkäät.

Hello, I found you site through the Warm Hands KAL and wanted to let you know that your Haruhas are absolutely gorgeous! Although so are your socks, Rosebud mittens... and thank you so much for your basketweave mitten tutorial, it was very helpful! There wouldn't be any way to get the Haruha pattern translated into English would there? :) I am always keeping an eye out for a beautiful pattern. Thank you for your time, I am enjoying your blog!

Maud,those rosebud mittens are just gorgeous! I didn't know you were blogging, now I can visit with you too:-)


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