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Modeled Chuck's Cabled socks


I finally got something close to good pictures of the finished Chuck's cabled socks. Hanna has used the socks several times and she is very pleased with the fit, and claims them to be very warm too. Being knitted with two strands all over it's quite understandable that they are warm, and the cables add too to the thickness. The fit is perfect for Hanna, so we are all in all very pleased with the project's. A common problem people seems to have had with Chucks's is that they want go over the heel. I decided to use grotesque thick needles in order to overcome the problem, and it payed out well. It also slowed down the knitting speed since I still ha to try to knit the knitted stitches a bit looser and the purled stitches a bit tighter than what would have been natural with this needle size.


Project details:
Pattern: Chuck's Cabled socks by Eunny Jang
Yarn: Scoeller+Stahl Fortissima socka in colours 1093 (pink, 2 balls) and 1053 (grey, one ball)
Needles:2,5 mm and 3mm dpns
Alterations: I patterned the heel instead of knitting it in just one colour. Cuff, heel and toes knitted on 2,5 mm needles, all cabling on 3 mm.



They look FANTASTIC!

Woh!!!!!! I yhink your one of the best knitters in the world!!
The socks are so incredebel great!!!

Excellent, a lovely piece of knitting!! They look beautiful Maud - I love the pink on grey. I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing this pattern :)

They look great Maud! I like what you did to the heel and sole!

Oh wow Maud!! Those are so cute!! I am loving them. The color combo is scrumptious too! I really need to get my booty on the Eunny band wagon. Too many things in the queue :O(

They are beautiful !!!

These are just fabulous!! Pink and grey are always beautiful together. A project of an excellent knitter!!!!

Those are beautiful!

I didn't want to make that pattern until I saw yours - great socks.

They are beautiful!

Woo hoo! Fabulous socks! You're really working your way through those Eunny designs and I'm very impressed with your discipline.

Wow, those sock are incredible. I've never seen that pattern. They could really tempt me, but I might have the same heel problem. I'll have to queue them.

Hi Maud,
I agree with Tijm.....you ARE one of the BEST knitters in the world! Beautiful socks!

Hi Maud, The socks are marvelous! I don't think I've ever seen cabeling done in two colors like that. Cool!!

Wow- they are beautiful!

Have you told Eunny that you are holding a Eunny knitathon? I'll bet she would be as impressed as we are by all your great knits! I love the socks.

I am in awe of the various intricate projects you knitted! Love those socks!

those are awesome!

Wonderful socks. :)

Wonderful socks. :)

Disse var da bare helt fantastisk vakre :))


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