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You make my day

Sorry for having been absent for a while, but I caught the cold my husband had, and was in bed for most of last week and weekend. After that had a nice mountain of dirty clothes accumulated in the laundry room, the dog cried for long walks and the house looked like a real mess. This weekend was mostly spent cleaning and washing, how fun.

I have got the You make my day award from several people during this week. Thank you KaisaKaisa, Francesca, Kathy and Mel!


I must pass on the You Make My Day award to ten other bloggers who bring me happiness and inspiration. The four people giving the award to me are all people I would have put on the list, if they hadn't given it to me already. You won't get it back, but just so you know. Here we go:

Cosmopolitan purls, Craftoholic, Nature Knitter, Fluffa, Knititude, ZebraKnits, My fashionable life, Peacock Chic, Reunasilmukka and Sweetgeorgia . Some of you don't post so often, but I still enjoy your blogs! I tried to pick blogs that haven't got the award from before, but if you've got it and I just haven't noticed you blogging about it, just ignore. You still make my day.

Next up will be pictures of the finished Tangled Yoke Cardigan, the first of Chuck's cabled socks and the Friendship shawl. Stay tuned for actual knitting content!


Oh, I hope you feel better Maud!!!

Hurray for knitting - I'm so excited to see your new FOs - and chuck's in progress - Hurray!!!

Thank you Maud! And I hope everything will be under control at home.


Feel better! Congrats on the award - you do deserve it!

How awful to have gotten sick twice now!! Glad to see you are back (was worried).

I'm glad you're up and around and feeling better again.

Hi Maud,
Thank you for this award. I'll have to get busy this weekend and pay it forward!
P.S. Glad you're feeling better now.


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