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The finished Tangled Yoke Cardigan

I finished the Tangled yoke cardigan before I got ill for the second time, and I even got the buttons bought. It then took me almost a week to get it all together and last weekend it was time for finishing party chez Yarn Nest. I have pushed forward the photo session, waiting for blue skies to turn up, but it looks hopeless. We do still have the same grey weather as we have had already too much of. So here it is, a modeled Tangled Yoke cardigan, picture taken inside.


The fit of this cardigan is perfect. I freely admit I was a bit nervous before washing the cardigan for the first time, since I had measured the gauge after washing, and Felted Tweed is always growing in the wash for me. The sleeves of the unwashed cardigan ended halfway between my elbows and hands, and it was alarmingly short. But, all calculations were done right and the finished fit is just perfect. I have worn this cardigan for several days already, and it is absolutely one of the sweaters I’m most pleased with of all I have ever made.

Project details:

Pattern: Tangled Yoke Cardigan by Eunny Jang from IK Fall 2007.
Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed in colour 152 Watery (thank you Paulina for wise advises on choosing colour!), 7 balls (didn’t use much of the seventh).
Needles: 3,5 mm and 3 mm bamboo circular needles and 3,5 mm dpns.
Size: Smallest (34").

Eunny’s pattern is a very good one, as hers usually are. It was a joy to knit with Felted Tweed, and I didn’t mind the stockinette parts at all. I used bamboo needles in size 3,5 mm for the body of the cardigan, and a cabling needle for the pattern. I usually cable without a cable needle, but the irregular stretches on this cable were easier to manage with a cable needle, I discovered. The button bands were knitted with 3 mm bamboo needles, and the button side reinforced with a cotton ribbon on the wrong side. The only change I made to the pattern was to start the short rows for the neckline a couple of centimeters earlier than what the pattern stated, in order to lower the neck opening somewhat. < ahref="http://reunasilmukka.net/">Kamicha did this on her Tangled Yoke last year, and I liked the way her cardigan looked a lot.

If you like cardigans with a tight fit, then this is a pattern for you. The yoke construction is very good, and the cable looks far more difficult than what it in reality is. But if you are using Felted Tweed, take into consideration how the yarn behaves after a wet wash. There are several good looking but too big Tangled yokes out there in blog land. But besides that, I’m all for recommending this pattern, and I had no problems with knitting the cardigan.



Oh Maud, that cardigan turned out beautifully! I really like the color too.

Wow, it looks beautiful!

So beautiful. I love the colour, fit - everything.


It's lovely and it looks just perfect on you. I hadn't seen Felted Tweed in that color yet; beautiful. :)

It's gorgeous- the color is amazing! Your ability to trust your swatch is impressive. I find it really hard to knit something smaller, even when I know it will grow.

I love the color and the fit (and the design is, of course, very pretty). It looks perfect on you! Congrats on finishing :)

It's so lovely, the colour is wonderful!

It's so lovely, the colour is wonderful!

I absolutely love your TYC. It is a gorgeous color and the fit is perfect too.

It's so gorgeous! The fit and the color are just so nice on you.

LOVE IT on you! It looks so spicy. Enjoy it as I can see you'll get a lot of wear out of it.

ja, jag kan inte säga annat än att jag är avis ;) Denna ÄR bara för läcker och du klär den också helt otroligt... förstår om du mer eller mindre i den nu ;)
Må så gott.. .värmländskan... kramis, ngn som försöker komma fram till en ny och bra stickning om man orkar - lite kinkigt pga förkylning som drabbade mig natt till tisdag, bläää. Och kände sig lite bättre igår och natten var ett elände och idag, suck... Vill inte mer nu, nej...

Wow! It's a beautiful sweater and looks great on you, too!

Beautiful cardi :) Love the colour you've chosen

Gasp! It looks absolutely lovely. Congratulations on another beautiful handmade garment. :-)

Fabulous! It looks professionally finished! I've noticed that many FTs on Ravelry have major puckering around the cables. Did you find this a problem? If so, did the puckers block out easily?

Its is a lovely cardi Maud, you chose a great colour. I must try Felted tweed!

Beautiful and it fits perfectly!

Ooh that is stunning - the color and fit is so flattering on you! Yea for it not being too big!

That cardigan is perfection--perfect execution and perfect fit. I hope it made you feel even better after your illnesse!


Thanks for the pictures and info on the cardigan. It looks great on you! What a great color for the grey of the day.

I have had the yarn and pattern ready to go for some months, but have been distracted. The color I am using is called "Treacle." Like the color of molasses. One day I will get to it, and thank to your tips and comments about the process, I will feel more confident about it!

Hope you are continuing to feel better, Maud!


Gorgeous. I see these all over blogland and they are all soooooo gorgeous. This is just a lovely pattern.

That looks beautiful on you!

Getting behind in my commenting! That sweater looks amazing and I have to say, that color is one of the best I've seen! You continue to inspire!

That's so beautiful! It looks perfect on you!

It's so beautiful! The color, the fit, everything is perfect : )

I couldn't imagine what the tangled yoke cardigan would look like, but when I see you modeling it, it is beautiful, and the color is great on you. Should keep you cozy and warm this winter.
It is -6 F here right now at 8:45 AM.
Nature Knitter's Mom [Betty K]

Looks great! It's difficult to knit on faith that your swatch told the whole truth, but it worked out really well for you.

this is my first time reading your blog--I love the design.

Your tangled yoke cardigan is beautiful! =D


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