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More about the Rosebud mittens

I got an email last week from a Finnish woman living in the area from where this mitten pattern is home. She had a lot of information on the pattern, and sent me two newspaper clippings on them. The pattern of Eeva Haavisto for these mittens has been published in the Ilkka magazine in 1985 and in 2001. With her help I also found two pictures on the net of the mittens

The pattern is originally from Kurikka, and the mittens are called Kurikka-rasat, rasa being a dialectical word for the Finnish word for mitten, lapanen. Kurikka is very close to Ilmajoki, where my pattern is from according to the museum’s archives. So I think we can conclude that the Rosebud pattern is the Kurikka mitten made in Ilmajoki, where the zigzags have been added. The original Kurikka mitten is not having these zigzags.


Ilkka magazine 22.2.2001

There are several variations of the pattern around. One has the flower buds and the stripes going in opposite directions on left and right hand. One variation is to knit the inside of the hand not with flowers, but with stripes instead. The thumb can be knitted with stripes, and has also been knitted with a gusset and one single flower bud together with stripes and dots (see picture above). The traditional colours seams to be black (instead of green), white and red, but about 50 years ago it was also knitted on black background with phosphorus green leaves and purple buds. That must have been a colourful mitten.

In Kurikka there are still workshops held to teach the interested in how to knit the Kurikka mittens Talk about living traditions!

Here is a picture of the mittens with blue background and in the traditional black-white-red colours!


They're beautiful in all variations. You have done a wonderful job of restoring an historical pattern, that I'm looking forward to knitting.

De är verkligen jättefina, och intressant med så mycket historia bakom. Jag har inte riktigt fått i vantväxeln ännu men det kommer nog det också. Och Ene är ju underbar!

Yeah, my yarn came. I'm making mine with a black background, olive green leaves, and dark red buds. I'm leaving off the cuff too and putting a ribbed one instead...shocking I know but that's what I'm trying.lol.

That was a very interesting "history" lesson. I love learning about the origins of knitting and their traditions. Thank you.

Hvor er det interessant med al den historie bag et par vanter, og hvor er det dejligt, at du har lavet en opskrift. Jeg må se at finde tid til at forsøge mig med et par. De er bare så smukke.

I'd like to know more about Eeva, was the book popular when it came out?

Me too like the story behind ... thanks for sharing :)
And I must say, yours are still the prettiest of them all ;)

Maud, I really enjoyed this detail & background about the rosebud mittens - very interesting! And I really appreciate your interpretation of the pattern and you sharing it with us!! I have to admit, the thought of a black background is intriguing - with the right colors, hmmmm. I need to get somethings OFF the needles so I can try them out!

Oh PS - I am terribly behind! Your little Ludde is just adorable in that previous post (he must be so much fun!), and the shawl is beautiful!

Tack för att du delar med dig av detta. Det är superintressant! Jag ska absolut göra vanten.
Jag kände förresten igen rococo bården från Vibeke Linds bok Sticka efter gamla nordiska mönster(1981). Hon nämner att den är "från en finsk vante ", och använder bården som dekoration på en mössa. Mer står det inte.

Such a lovely sock. I like the blue background with the traditional colors.


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