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Hello, is anybody there?


I’m still here, and I’m knitting again. Seriously. But the weather has been so bad that I haven’t got any good pictures of my work. I have started, and finished Ene’s shawl from Scarf style, it is blocked, and today, finally, I got some kind of pictures of it. I hope I’ll get modeled pictures taken during the weekend.


The shawl is knitted on 3,75 mm Addis with the wonderful yarn Sivilla by Wetterhoff. I spent a wonderful weekend with a friend at her summer cottage the days before Ludde arrived (you know, girl talk until 2 am, good food, wine and chocolate, too little sleep and fabulous weather). On the way home we stopped by at Wetterhoff in Hämenlinna, and I bought some yarn, three skeins of Sivilla in this green colour and three in a purple colour. Sivilla is 70 % merino wool and 30 % silk, and there’s 250 m to 50 grams.

This is the first time I’m knitting a shawl starting from the two shorter sides and decreasing until there are only the upper border stitches left. Pretty interesting way to make up a shawl, if you ask me. The beginning felt like knitting in a black hole (like the last rows when you start with a few stitches and increases), but when the border was made, it went pretty fast forward.

I’m also about to cast on for an other pair of mittens, in Rauma Finull and Röros. Stay tuned for what will turn up.


And here is an updated picture of Ludde, the Afghan hound puppy, new washed and fluffy. Doesn’t he look pleased with himself? He has added 5 kg to his weight since he came to us, and height quite much too. I didn’t measure him when he came, but now he’s 54 cm over the shoulders. And he has five new teeth. I know, I sound like a mother talking about her newborn. I’ll try to stop.


Luddle is one good looking dog! Afgans get quite tall don't they. Beautiful though.

Your Ene is gorgeous and quite stunning against the snow backdrop.

I really feel it's winter times since I'm just almost here.... ;) Sleeping my evenings away just too often. But I start to get used to the dark and the cold and stay up more frequently (perhaps 2 evenings a week + weekends)and have it cozy (often meaning knitting).

Your shawls looks great and your dog is just the qutest!

Your Ene looks great and so does Ludde. He seems to know that you are taking pictures and he needs to pose.

Ludde looks adorable and he really looks pleased with himself. :)
Congratulations on finishing Ene's scarf. I experienced some frustration with the monstruous cast-on, but then really enjoyed the fact that every row was shorter than the previous one.

Din Ene's ser jättefin ut! Hoppas på bättre väder både hos dig och mig så vi kan föreviga våra sjalar.
Ludde är bedårande söt!

Din Ene's ser jättefin ut! Hoppas på bättre väder både hos dig och mig så vi kan föreviga våra sjalar lite bättre.
Ludde är bedårande söt!

Din Ene's ser jättefin ut! Hoppas på bättre väder både hos dig och mig så vi kan föreviga våra sjalar lite bättre.
Ludde är bedårande söt!

Gorgeous scarf! What a cute pup too!

The shawl looks lovely.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new mittens. Any hints on what we can expect from this new pair of mitts?

Onpa sievä huivi! Montako vyyhtiä Sivillaa meni Eneen?

Ja komea koira :) Ihana seurata koiran kasvua (ei helpota koirakuumetta olleskaan!) :)

Hi Maud,
Your Ene's shawl turned out quite beautiful. I knitted it also a couple years ago and certainly enjoyed the challenge.

Ludde is so handsome! He has beautiful fur and looks ready to face his first Finland winter.

Ludde is so beautiful! I'm a bit sceard for dogs, but this one looks so friendly.
And your stole is gorgeous!!You need it now with the snow and the cold.
Love the pictures.Also the snow because here in the Netherlands we would like to have snow but most winters we have only rain.

Both the shawl and the dog are beautiful! The yarn sounds lovely. You'll probably be sick of it soon, but the snow on the ground looks so nice.

Ludde is quite handsome! and Ene is gorgeous! I just took my Ene's scarf out and washed and reblocked it for this winter.Mmmmm - love it!

I always liked the look of the Ene shawl, but can't see myself casting on so many stitches. You Ludde has such a goofy look on his face! What a cutie! :o)

ene is beautiful! i know you said the weather has been bad, but that snow looks so inviting right now!

What a great scarf! And what a coincidence it's knitted with the yarn that I have been dyeing lately. It takes color extremely well (there are pics in my blog if you're interested).

Beautiful shawl, beautiful dog :D

Oh, he's such a handsome little guy!

Beautiful shawl! Ene has been on my knit list for so long, and it's great to see your finished Ene.

Underbar sjal, den gröna färgen mot det vita är perfekt.
Ludde är också en stilig ung herre med vacker färg, ska bli kul att följa hans irrfärder och jag gissar att du kommer att spinna av hans päls dessutom.

Ludde indeed looks like one happy dog :) and yes, very pleased with himself.


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