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Greetings from Italy

-Edited for spelling mistake in the name Gorizia-
-There is actually knitting content on the bottom of this post!-


We have been since last Sunday in Italy, on the north coast of the adratic sea. I got my internet connection up on Monday, but have not collected time enough for more than light blogging before this morning. It's 7:52 local time, and the family is still sleeping. I don't think I will finish this entry now, but most of it has been written with the sun on my back and the doves ho-ing from a nearby tree.


Sunday and Monday were spent in the sea and in the pool. The water is warm, and the beach soft and wonderful to walk on.

On Tuesday we took the rented car and drove to Aquileia, a town with a lot of ruins and mosaiques from the time of the Roman empire. There is also an impressive basilica with beautiful mosaiques in the floor, and excavations of an old Roman house beneath it.



Wednesday was spent in Venice. We drove down, parked in the huge parkinghall Tronchetto, and took the vaporetto (waterbus) down Canal Grande to St. Marks place, where from we walked along backstreets to a more shielded campo (square) where we had our sandwiches and something to drink. Then we again walked along the less crowded streets up in the direction of Rialto, bought icecream, and took the vaporetto from Ca d'Oro back to Tronchetto. I visited Venice with my husband two years ago, and it was a big help in order to find one's way in the city withouth having to go along the most crowded routes.


The program of yesterday was to drive to Gorizia, a city on the border to Slovenia, and to take a look at the rebuild castle they have there. The castel was originally built starting from the 1100th century, but almost totally bombed during the first World War. It was rebuilt in it's 1500th century style in the1930's. The city is also hosting a very good museum with three different exhibitions, one on the first World War and the local events ( Ghorizia was heavily bombed), one on local archeology and a (in my opinion) very intresting exhibition on clothing and the tools used to create yarn and fabrics.


There has been swimming every day, and there has been lazy evenings when the children have written a journal over the vacation. I have got some knitting time squeezed in, mainly in the evenings, and the striped socks have made it to the gussets.


The picture is actually arranged, I haven't knitted on the beach at all. But I felt for taking a picture on the beach ;-)


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Looks like you guys are having so much fun!! Enjoy the rest of your holiday!!

Oh Maud, what a wonderful surprise when I visited Bloglines to see that you had posted and *then* to see the wonderful post, sharing about your lovely time, with all the excellent photos! And, your knitting does look especially good on the beach! The socks are coming along so well, two at time--I love that. The castle is magnificent, and the exhibits sound great. So glad you're enjoying such a memorable, special time with your family. Thanks for bringing us all along. I so enjoyed it :o)
Warmly, Jewels

Italy is such a wonderful country ... with all the culture, nature, food and so on! I definitely would want to go there soon again. But this year we've just decided to go to Spain and visit the childrens grandfathers place in Alicante (a village with mostly holiday houses). It means no culture, hardly no nature (except whats around the pools and the local market) but a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits and lovely food. And hopefully some peace and quiet ... and knitting;)

wow - what a wonderful vacation..sounds lovely!

Oh,I miss that real italian ice cream. It's just the best. (No offense to BR31)

What a wonderful vacation- your family looks very happy. Enjoy!

I'm basking in the Italian sun! I love vacation pictures on blogs. And I love your knitting photos too.

Olen syntynyt italiafaniksi! Ihana maa, ja ihanat (vain joskus vähän hermoillekäyvät) ihmiset! Ha det so bra där!

Viimeinen close-up-linkki ei valitettavasti vienyt minua sinne, minne piti. :(

What a fantastic trip!

How wonderful to be able to hop on a plane and arrive in Italy a few hours later - if you live in Europe you can visit some amazing places so easily. Enjoy the beach and the castle.

Looks like a great trip! We visited Italy about 13 years ago - what a fabulous country. And the gelatto looks yummy! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Welcome to sunny Italy :)
hope you enjoy your stay..
Ah! The correct name is Gorizia (feminine :D)

What a lovely vacation and beautiful blog post!

Wonderful! I love Italy. ::happysigh::

Wow, wow, wow! I'm officially jealous. What a lovely vacation. Well deserved, too. Have a great time! Show us more photos so we can live vicariously :-)

Just popping in to send a loving hello to you dear friend, and enjoying your lovely trip and photos, again. It was very sweet of you to share your joy with us. I'm sure it feels especially good to be snugged in back at home. Glad to know you're back, safe and sound. Thanks for your loving words to Rose. You are so very dear.


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