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WIP update version June 2.0

To cut a long story short, my computer, which has served me faithfully for three years, crashed today. Like in dead. It took me eaons of time to find the right log in page to Movable type, to find my copies with all password, to install Photoshop, to install mails and you name it more to our second laptop. But now it's done, and I'm free to blog again. But I have no spell check, so please, do not complain on grammar or spelling mistakes.

I feel it's time for a WIP update again. Those with eyes for details have perhaps noted that the sidebar got updated a couple of days ago, and I have now updated it with a third project.


First up on my now ongoing projects is Blustery. Blustery is a very simple vest by the talented Anna Bell. I like the clean cut od the vest and the small pockets. Anna's pattern have been very good for my body tye before, and I have high expactations on Bluster. The pattern is written for Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Baby, but my yarn choice is this time Rowan WoolCotton. I have enough yarn in the stash in this lovely plum colour. WoolCtton is a bit thinner than Cashmerino Baby, thus I had to change to 3,75 mm needles instead of the suggested 4 mm. Blustery is cast on with a beautiful tubular cast on, that really looks neat. Want to see it?Just click here!


I had one big ball of the Finnish yarn Novita Nalle in the stash, a dark carchoral grey colour. It should be enough for knee high socks, and I immedetliaty came to think about the Spiral Boot socks by Veronik Avery, from Interweave Knits Summer 2007. I'm knitting on 2,5 mm dpns, and I'm about halfway down the first leg. The pattern is very fun to knit, and very clever. There are three different patterns in the leg spiral, all of them basically the same, but with different amounts of stitches. As you advance down the leg you decrease stitches twice, and shape the leg that way. But the increases are almost invisible, and it looks like the same pattern continuing from the top to the bottom of the leg. I think I have enough with yarn, the pattern requires three 50 gram balls, and my big ball is 150 grams.

And third on the list is a pair of socks I cast on as travelling knitting. They are a simple pair of striped socks, knitted from the toe up in Regia cotton, and sized for my older daughter. I have a little more of the blue yarn, and I will knit the toes and heels with that colour. I'm interested in using up all the yarns scraps, but to get the socks look the same. There is also the risk of getting a second sock syndrome with a pair as simple as these, and this tofether with the goal of using up all the yarn, is the reason why I decided to try to knit both socks at the same time, using the magic loop technique. I have never before used it for anything but the toe part of toe-up socks and for small projects, but it goes quite nice with both of the socks on the needle at one time. It also makes the shuffle of the needle and the loops less irritating when you can knit both socks before you have to shift places for the needleends.

That's all for today folks! I'll update the different projects as I advance. Have a nice day all of you. Sun is finally back here in the south of Finland, goodbye rainy days for a while again!


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Oh- I love those boot socks. Can't wait to see how they turn out. You are doing a great job of going through your stash- I loved the penguins and the bear skirt- I have to keep my kids from the computer screen, or they will beg for them!

So sorry to hear of the computer crash. :(

I love the FO pictures, particularly the socks! Nice! :)

I'm sorry about your computer. Bummer! The socks are nice though - I really like the colors of the blue/green stripe ones.

Computer crashing seems to be going around lately! I'll anxiously be awaiting the finished vest...love the color and love the pattern. Also, I really like your boot socks...looks like you are doing an amazing job on them!

Hi Maud,

The projects look great. I've never seen the two at one sock approach before - - do you think it would also work with mittens? I always hate doing the second one! I like the tubular cast on; I also think it looks really nice.

Hi Maud,

The projects look great. I've never seen the two at one sock approach before - - do you think it would also work with mittens? I always hate doing the second one! I like the tubular cast on; I also think it looks really nice.

And, I have a quesion for you on the squirrel mittens from last year. What is the pattern around the cuff? It looks sort of like stranding of pearl stiches, but I've never seen that on a mitten before. Thanks. Nancy


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