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I finished Venezia!


Venezia has been finished for a while already, but the modelled pictures have taken some time to get taken. First it was too hot, then it poured down, and then it was too hot again. Yesterday it was still hot, in fact hotter than ever before this summer, but when the sun went behind a cloud for tem minutes I grabbed the pullover, the camera and the husband in order to finally get the pictures taken. It was 27 degrees Celsius in the shadow, and positively too hot to wear a pullover made of Shetland wool, but who knows when I otherwise would have got them taken.

Project details:
Pattern: Venezia by Eunny Jang, Interweave knits Winter 2006.
Yarn: Jamieson’s 2-ply Spindrift, 100 % wool in the specified colours
Needles: Addi turbo circs 2,5 and 3 mm, dpns 2,5 and 3 mm for the sleeves.
Alterations: V-neck instead of boat-neck.


All in all a wonderful pullover to knit. The pattern is very detailed, and you need to read through it before you start, in order not to make mistakes. But it’s well written, like Eunny’s pattern always are, and a joy to work with. The colour chart looks very complicated, but you get the feel for it easily, and then you “see” it. The pattern is in fact more addicting than any pattern I can remember to have knitted before; the syndrome of “just-one-more-row” is always present.

I have never used Shetland yarn before, so that was a new experience for me too. It’s softer than I thought, but still a bit harsh, even after washing. It blooms out in a beautiful way when washed, and I easily understand why this is so popular for Fair Isle typed works. The 25 grams balls are also a blessing, so even if the yarn isn’t cheap, you don’t have to buy way too much yarn for your project.


Click here to zoom out and to zoom in !

The amount of yarn specified in the pattern was mostly well counted for my size (second smallest). I had a complete ball left of pine forest, peacock, rosemary and ivy, but I think if I would have made the boat-neck, then I would have needed them. Bu if I would have made the boat-neck then the sand colour would have run out, and perhaps mooskit/white. I don’t think I used much less of the cuff/hem colour old gold than what I would have done if I had made the boat-neck, but I had two balls left of the colour. That was a miss for the one doing the maths of how much yarn to use.

I know there are quite a lot of people working on Venezia, so the club of Venezia finishers is not that exclusive. But I must admit I’m quite pleased both with the finished Venezia, and with having finished Venezia. And I hope I’ll see more Venezias all over blogland!


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Aivan upea paita! Ja V-kaulus onnistui täydellisesti. Ja sopii paitaan todella hyvin.

Jotenkin tämä Venezia näyttää paljon enemmän minun tyyliltäni kuin alkuperäinen, jota en aikonut neuloa. Mutta nyt...

Onnittelut, upea neule ja sopii sinulle tosi hyvin! Ihailen kärsivällisyyttäsi ja hienoa toteutusta.

Oi miten upea! V-pääntie näyttää hienolta, onneksi olkoon hienosta lopputuloksesta! :-)

Hieno ja todella upeasti toteutettu. V-pääntie on kaunis.

it's beautiful! did you have any trouble with a rolling hem? I do, and I am not sure blocking with suffice.

your modified neckline is fabulous! it's beautiful and very flattering. you did a wonderful job. thanks for sharing it -- even in such warm weather!

Oh Maud - that is SO beautiful. I am not considering it for many many reasons - 1 is mostly that I am not as slim as yourself and it would not look like that on me. The other is that it would be WAY too hot for over my way. Oh - and I forgot - I have the attention span of a gnat - so there would be no way I would finish it.

All in all - it is simply beautiful. Well done.

My God, it's just gorgeus, and suits you so well!

Best regards from Vivian in Denmark

Upea lopputulos!

Stunning! It looks so beautiful on you.

Beautiful - its just gorgeous. And very inspiring - I want to go buy the yarn and cast on immediately!

That is the most beautiful sweater that I have seen on the internet for a long while!!! It looks so pretty on you - I love the feminine neckline - the edgings - the gorgeous coloring and pattern - all of it!!!

Wow! That is really beautiful! Great job, it is stunning!!

Maud, I gasped out loud when I saw these pics - your V-neck mod looks perfect, PERFECT! Way to take it up a notch, I didn't think it was possible to like this pattern any more than I already do! It completely suits, color, fit and lines - beautiful :)

Wow! Your Venezia is beautiful and it really looks lovely on you...bravo!

Wow! It looks better on you than it did on the model in the magazine. Amazing work!

Absolutely stunning! Well done :-D

Onpa se uskomattoman kaunis! V-pääntie on mainio tuunaus.

Ja täytyy vielä erikseen sanoa, että neule sopii sinulle todella hyvin.

Fabulous! I love the V neck, too- you made it even better. Congratulations.

Wow, your version of the Venezia is stunning. It's just great. I'm working with iceland wool right now and I hope that it will be less itchy, when I'm done with it.

Kertakaikkisen upea ja tyylikäs!

That is such a fantastic pullover! I absolutely love the pattern and can understand your addiction! It was brave of you to alter the pattern and it turned out so great!

Wow - it is stunning. I love the V-neck!

Thats beautiful! I love your neckline modification.

I'm currently working on this with yarn subs, and I don't think mine will turn out nearly as good as yours.

Onpa todella upea neule! V-pääntie näyttää hienolta, ja sopii malliin loistavasti. :-)

Beautiful!! I LOVE the v-neck modifications! The sweater flatters you very well. Awesome work.

Oh my wow, that is stunning. I love your mods. Just beautiful.

Your version is so beautiful - it fits you wonderfully. Good job.

Simply gorgeous...I hope someday to be able to knit such an object of beauty!

What a beautiful sweater! I love the neckline; it's just perfect!

Beautiful! Do you have notes from the neck modification? I think I like your version a lot better than the original version, and perhaps I can borrow your notes / calculations? I'd really appreciate it!

Gorgeous! I love your V neck modification. Was that hard to do?

Ihan uskomattaman hieno pusero! Todella taitavaa kädenjälkeä! Ihan henkeä pitää pidättää sen edessä.

Thank you all! Several of you have asked for directions on how to make the V-neck. I'll post them in a following entry, I must just check out what I really did, and what I would do different if I would do it again.

That is gorgeous, wow!

Woh, ít's Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miten ihana! Ja miten hienosti se istuukaan! Ja miten mahtavasti tuo kaulus onnistuikaan!

I can't get over how great that sweater looks on you. I love Eunny's patterns too but for some reason Venezia left me a little cold, now I have seen yours......maybe it is the v-neck.......wow!

Holy heck Maud! That is gorgeous and fits your perfectly!

That's beautiful! Now I'm considering a V-neck myself.
And thanks very much for the yarn requirement info, for I've been worried that I might run out of yarn.

so wonderful and great that I can't image.

Ojojoj... hittar inte ord... denna blev ju urläcker även som v-ringad ;) Tror inte det spelar någon roll om man gör båthals, v-ringad eller ens kofta av den... den är, hua... ;) Undrar om de har sett till att radera alla härliga färger till denna tröja så man inte får till en innan dess... Gissa om man ÄR än mer sugen nu... för varje gång jag ser den så blir jag ÄN mer sugen nämligen, hihihi...
Må så gott... värmländskan... kramis och sticka lugnt... i värmen, delar du med dig? ;)

Oh my goodness, it looks so fantastic on you! I really love the neckline modification you did! I might have to try that when I knit Venezia for myself (someday...)

Den blev sanslöst snygg! Gillar verkligen v-ringningen.

Aika pähee!
Kivasti menee värit/kuviot hihanpyöriöissä versus vartalo-osissa, siis niinkuin juuri kohdalleen.
Jotenkin värityksestä tulee mieleen kustavilaisaika.
Aikamoista cross-knitting-kulttuuria?

Your version of the sweater is gorgeous. The fit is wonderful!

Your Venezia is lovely! I really like the v-neck you've done.

It is a lovely sweater and you look beautiful in it. I think you improved the original with your neckline change.

Simply a piece of artwork! The v-neck adds a wonderful touch of elegance to the design.

Aivan mahtava tuli! Harmi, ettei sitä voi kesällä pitää! :D

Maud, that is a beautiful sweater! It fits you so well and the color pattern is so evenly done. Excellent job!

Hi, I looked at your blog for the first time tonight. Jag tycker att alla som du har stykat ar mycket fint!! Jag kan forstar en lite gran of svenska. The new sweater is fabulous, and all of the Finnish mittens are wonderful!! I loved the directions for the fringe and the idea of the three needle bind off. Good luck finding buttons! Nancy


It's gorgeous. Amazing work! If I ever get round to making my own Venezia, I'm definitely going by your example and changing the neckline too.

I'm deeply impressed!

You did an amazing job! It is gorgeous. I love the v neck modification.

I have the yarn now I am very tempted to cast on!

Venezia is beautiful - and the V neck looks so right. Congratulations on making it - I can't believe how quickly it seemed to knit up. You are very talented.

This looks wonderful. May I ask how much ease you left in the sweater? I'm trying to decide which size to make. The smallest is my exact size, but I'm not sure if I should go about a couple inches for more ease. The fit on yours is great.

I really love your venezia. The v-neck is perfect and fits you gracefully. I guess that if i manage to jump in venezia one day, I may well follow your path, as your neckline would flatter me too, I believe.

wow, that's beautiful =)

Den är toppen, otroligt vackert!

I love your modified neck line! hope I can do the same for my venezia when i start.

Jättesnygg!!! Snyggare än Eunnys. GRATTIS!!! Monica

wow Maud, this is fabulous. cudos to you for such fine knitting!

Wow! It is so beautiful!!

WOW! That looks totally amazing!

Vilken jättefin Venezia! Jag är mäkta imponerad.
Hälsningar från babyland (och därmed inget stickande på ett bra tag)

Wow! That is gorgeous. Just beautiful.


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