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On the first sleeve cap

The first sleeve of Venezia has approached the sleeve cap steek, and now are the rows getting shorter and shorter fast. Venezia is one of the most addictive knits I have had for a while. It is fascinating looking at how the patterns emerge, to knit just one more row and then just one more row. And the pattern is not at all difficult, it looks much more complicated than what it is. But look at the colours! It is totally impossible to get them right on a picture. Venezia is not at all as bright as it looks. The overall colouring is much greener, not blue, and the white is not white, it’s different beige shades. Even the whitest one is slightly brownish. I have tried to take picture with and without sunshine, and on all pictures are the greens too blue and the beiges too white. The hunt for the perfect picture is on!


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it's looking beautiful!

as for the color challenges -- have you tried adjusting the white balance? on my camera it's abbreviated WB. not sure what language your menus come up in but it might help get the right shading to show up.

Oh my god Maud, look at your progress already! Woo-hoo!

Absolutely lovely start- your colorwork is fantastic. By the way, I like your attitude about the change over at IK- they need at least a year before any real assessment can be made.

I am in awe of your color work...just incredible. The bear coat is adorable.

beautiful! i recognized the pattern as soon as i saw it. can't wait to see it progressing. i also like the sweater style. it's more sweater than i think i can tackle!


Wow, what a work of art!

Wow. It's beautiful! I can just imagine how addictive it is!

That is looking gorgeous! You sure know how to rock the Eunny projects.

Kerrassaan hienolta näyttää! :)

Oj vilket projekt du startat! Men inget är omöjligt och du har redan kommit en bra bit på väg.

Hälsningar från Vasa

Thank you for your comment on my blog about the blanket! Your Venezia sleeve is outstanding!!! I used to be a lawyer--for 20+ years. I then became a University administrator for 4 years and then retired to return to university. I decided I wanted more time with my daughter (now 15) and to work with children as my career. I graduate in May with a degree in Library and Information Studies and a license to be a school librarian. Unfortunately, our schools are in a financial crisis and are cutting librarian positions, rather than maintaining them!!

Snart är du lika fin som Nalle Björn.

Näyttääpä se ihanalle! Siitä tulee aivan valloittavan hieno!

Ihania kirjoneuleita olet muutenkin tehnyt, kaikki lapaset ja se nallen takki, ah, niin ihania kaikki!!

Hyvää pääsiäistä Sinulle!

This is coming along so very beautifully - I'm totally stunned by your more than amazing colourwork!


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