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Summary of 2006

The holidays are finally behind, and on Monday will the normal drill with school and lectures start. Before I present the finished Rosebud mittens for you, I'll make a summary of what I knitted in 2006.

2006 was the year of Kim Hargreaves, socks and mittens. I knitted five Kim Hargreaves designs, of which one, Charm, died like the Phoenix bird, just to take new life in the form of Elfin. The interesting thing is that the only sweaters and cardigans I knitted for myself were Kim Hargreaves' designs.

The KH designs were:Charm, Adorn, Splendour, Elfin and Ali .


The first pair of mittens for the year was the squirrel mittens I had promised my Dad for birthday the previous year (in December, so they were not thaaat late). They were not followed by more mittens until autumn, when I knitted the Paistu mittens, an Estonian model by Nancy Bush, and started my Finnish Mitten Challenge, a project to knit up some of the old beautiful Finnish designs I knew there were. So far I have completed four mittens with old Finnish designs, and more is to come.

Here are all the mittens: Ekorrvante (Barbro Wilhelmsson), Paistu mittens, Jalasjärvi flower mittens , Basket weave mittens, John's still unnamed mittens, Rose bud mittens. One pair of wristewarmers was also completed, Haruha. All in all six pairs of mittens and one pair of wristwarmers.


The socks then? I started the sock production of the year by joining Theresa's Family Sock Challenge. Almost all of my socks were in designs by Nancy Bush. I knitted another Nancy Bush pair for my mother's birthday. Then the rest of the socks were by different designers, Theresa, Eunny, Cookie A. and Grumperina aka Kathy. All in all 13 pairs of socks:
Family Sock Challenge: For myself:Tiit's socks (Nancy Bush)
For John:John's socks (original)
For Mikael: Gentleman's fancy socks (Nancy Bush)
For Sofia:Sofia's socks (original)
For Hanna: Juta's socks (Nancy Bush)
For Björn: Merike's socks (Nancy Bush)
The rest: Birch Leaf socks, Hiiumaa socks, Here There Be Dragons socks, Rib and cable socks, Bayerische socks, Pomatomus socks and Jaywalker socks.

My MIL had a big birthday in August, and had asked for a hand-knit cardigan. Since MIL is nice, and deserves hand-knit items, I made a cardigan in line with her wishes, the Cable-trim Jacket (Martin Storey, Classic knits for real women), a cardigan that when the summer heat finally was over, has got a lot of wear. In the gift category is also Veste asymétrique, a birthday present for my children's cousin.

I did also knit two vests, the Vest Everest my older daughter later snatched (scary when your daughter is big enough to take your clothes...) and Deep V Argyle Vest, another Eunny design.

There has also been some shawls and scarfs knitted during the year. The first FO was in fact a scarf, the Fishtail scarf, which was followed by the Kimono shawl, the Flower Basket Shawl, Sharfik and Fifi. A scarf that was finished so fast that it newer reached the blog before I already had given it away was a green fringed scarf for my mother, in Debbie Bliss Astrakhan. For those that were members in the now discontinued Debbie Bliss club, it was the club gift scarf from last year.

The category odds and ends consisted this year of Hanna's poncho, the top Flirty and a couple of Helping bunnies or the Apupupu/Hjälpjösse project.


Last but not least, the bear project. I think this is my most neglected knitting category this year, and I tried to make up for it in the end of the year. The year started with a knitted pair of socks, Denmark from Nancy Bush's book Knitting on the road, and a shawl. In May was a hat completed. Then nothing happened until I test knitted the shawl Fifi III. And then again nothing until the end of the year, when I finished no less than three sweaters for the bears, a bag and a scarf. Two of the sweaters are miniatures of Splendour and Ali, and the scarf is a miniature of the Shifting sand scarf.

I'll post later today or tomorrow details and pictures of the Rosebud mittens, and of the new WIPs and the projects to come. Until then, have a nice weekend!


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GREAT year! i'm new to your blog but from what i can gather you work as an attorney, you're a mom of (at least) one daughter, and you knit twice as much as i did last year. amazing. you do beautiful work.

ps - i just started reading your blog after susan (of swedish mitten book fame) mentioned it to me last weekend.

A productive AND beautiful year of knitting! Thank you for the recap.

Do you ever sleep? Lots and lots of beautiful knittings! It is such an inspiration to see your work.

You had a wonderfully productive year. Tiit's socks and Eunny's vest are two of my favorites. You've done a great job inspiring me in 2006!

You had one productive knitting year! By the looks of it, some lucky knitted-gift recipients had a pretty great year, too.

Fina sidor, duktig syster!



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