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More yarn! Thank you Secret Pal!

I got this parcel a couple of days ago, but the weather has been grey and the outcome of my pictures poor. Today there were some rays of sunshine, and I took everything from the parcel out on our garden table for a picture session. Well, everything except the candy, that was already gone. But I took a picture before I started, so there is evidence of what was in the parcel. The candy that the seller had said was popular by the Englishmen had an, hm, interesting taste. Not bad, in no way, but it didn’t taste like anything I’ve eaten before. There is a difference between English and my Finnish taste buds ;-) But the Estonian chocolate, it was good. Really, really good.


The yarn content of the parcel was more than welcome. My pal visited Greece some time ago, and managed to find a yarn shop over there. Two balls of 100 % wool by EL.D Mouzakis, Classico (this is about all what I understand of the label). I think these will be turned into a pair of wrist warmers, perhaps the Haruha from Ulla (even if these will be more in the colour of aki - autumn). The colour will match my winter outfit perfect.


And then there were two hanks of Satakieli from Vuorelma, natural and blue-green. As soon as I saw them I knew what to do with them. There is an interesting, kind of basket weave patterned mitten in Eeva Haavisto's mitten book, and these yarns will fit the bill perfectly. There is only the problem of finding the third colour, the one that will be outlining the squares. I have tested with a rusty red (too bright) and with this blue. The blue matches in colour perfect, but has a tad too little contrast to match the beautiful blue-green. So I'll probably test on other colour, in order to get the blue-green to stand out more.

Thank you Pal! A wonderful autumn greeting! And thank you for the compliments on my knitting.


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Mukavaa että paketti miellytti! :)

Satakieli seem to be quite a thin yarn, is it? Is it thinner than Opal? Would it be good for socks as well?

For me the mitten is immediately screaming an addition of sort of a warm orange-yellow but it may be the contrast is too bright, like with the rusty red. Lovely pattern, can't wait to see the finished mitten!

Miellytti oikein kovasti!
Sari, Satakieli is thin. My gauge on bamboo 2mm is 38 stitches to 10 cm, on metal 2 mm 40 stitches and on metal 2,5 mm 36 stitches. Nancy Bush have several pattern where she uses Satakieli for socks, but I have never done it. Socks get quite hard use in our house, and Satakieli is 100% wool.
Meemu, good idea, I'll try it out. I have golden yarn left from the paistu mittens, I think it should have the same type/depth of colour.

Such lovely gifts from you pal. I especially like the blue yarn for the mittens...can't wait to see them knit up!

Oj, vilket häftigt mönster du hade där som förslag till något för ditt garn får - grekland??? Hm, undrar om det skulle kunna gå att fatta det där språket på halvvantarna och sockarna... gillade dem!!! Hm, går det att tänka om till svenska, ;) Såg att det var diagram... men ändå, hihihi...
Hm, härliga vantar på gång nu igen??? ;) Nyfiken, jö... Den där boken, hrm... Finns den på svenska??? Eller måste man ta finska, eller ÄR det något annat av de språk som är liknande, även om de inte är helt förståeliga för varandra, :p.
Hm, yngsta dottern var på marknad igår (idag också kanske, ;) helhelg med marknad!) i Torneå... Hittade ett stånd med massor av kul garner, ;) MEN, de kommer även att öppna butik på måndag, så hon har meddelat dem att hon nog dyker upp där då, hihihi. Kanske DE har något sådant... Ja, i finska mönster till vantar... Är det poppis med sådant så det kan tänkas hittas??? Lite nyfiken som sagt var, hihihi...
Må så gott... värmländskan här nu igen, :) Kramis... och sticka lugnt...


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