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Red is hot

I have seamed MIL's jacket, and even bought buttons today. To be almost on the finishing line gave me a grave case of startitis. Look!


Clockwise from top left:

1. Flirty. Flirty has reached the stage of seaming. After that there are a lot of small crocheted stitches to be done. Typically, we have rain today. I'm a bit late with this project.

2. Fifi III. Sari has designed a triangular version of the in Finland very popular Fifi shawl. I volunteered to test knit the pattern. My Fifi III is taking the form of a shawl for Hanna’s Nelli-bear, making it a very quick knit and fast feedback to Sari on all the parts of the pattern. The yarn is thin Pirkka yarn, and needles 3, 5 mm.

3. The sock. I like to always have a sock under work. Socks are small and portable, and it is not mitten season yet. Mittens have these same nice portability characters, but are definitely more season items to knit*. This sock is knitted with 2, 5 mm needles and Novita Nalle colori yarn. The pattern Rib and cable socks is by Nancy Bush for Interweave Knits Fall 2005.

4. Another shawl! I have been itching to knit the Flower basket shawl by Evelyn A. Clark (to be found in Interweave Knits Fall 2004) ever since I saw it first, but never come around to start it. Now was a suitable time, and I even had three balls of Drops Alpaca (yes, 100 % alpaca!) in the stash. Needles 4, 5 mm long straight Inoxes. I had no bamboos in this size, and my metal circs were Addis, wonderful for everything but lace, due to no pointy ends. It feels funny to knit with straight needles after years of using only circs and dpn:s.

I have been pondering over a couple of designs, trying to make up my mind over next big project. These simple red knits are all a lovely vacation from thinking, and making decisions. One needs that too.

* But we will soon be there. I ordered some mitten yarns and are trimming my needles. The mittens have to be ready when the cold weathers arrives, that is knitting has to be started in about September. But August is still sock time.


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Oooooooooh! This is like the Carrousel of Wonderful Knits in Progress. Must...get...some...of...your...PRODUCTIVITY!


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