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Nya äventyr!

Så där ja. Nu har jag bloggen grundinstallerad. Nu är det "bara" att finslipa utseendet! Bloggen kommer främst att handla om stickning, men när jag har tid för mina andra intressen, vävning, att sy samt pysanky, kan det komma postningar om det med. Liksom Björnprojektet, mitt namn för de kläder och accessoarer jagstickar, syr och på andra sätt tillverkar för mina döttrars 25 cm stora teddy björnar.

So, now I have the blog up and running, and there is “only” to refine the outlook of it. I guess I’m going to learn something about computers, at least more than I do know. This blog is primarily going to be about knitting, but when I have time for my other craft interests, weaving, sewing and pysanky, they will appear too. As will the Bear project, my name for the clothes and accessories I knit, sew and craft for my daughters’ 25 cm teddy bears.


Katalog ur vilken flickorna kan beställa kläder till sina björnar.
Catalogue, from which the girls can order clothes for their bears.


Vinterkappa och tillbehör
Wintercoat and accessories



My wife and I will be traveling to Finland after leaving a weaving tour of Norway and Sweden in July. We will then be touring in Finland for three of four days, leaving from Helsinki. We would like to see if we can visit some weavers.

Can you help me contact, of give ma some thoughts about meeting some weavers.

Thank you. Bob Lewis, Sarasota, Florida


Welcome to my blog! My name is Maud, and I spend my free hours grooming Afghan hounds, knitting, cooking, and growing bonsai trees. I am since the summer of 2012 reporting from Stockholm Sweden, entries before that are from Esbo, Finland.

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