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New gallery

Hello all! I'm down with a nasty cold, but wanted to share what I have managed to fix: I gathered all the Eunny designs I have knitted or are knitting to one gallery page. The PrintO'the Wave link is not working, so ignore it, otherwise it should be ok. There is a link in the sidebar, and here you have it too:

Eunny Gallery

I hope to be back in the weekend with knitting pictures, pictures of the mittens I knitted from Afghan hound hair and a thank you to KaisaKaisa.


Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, Maud. Hope you are better soon.

The Eunny page is great! I love the colors you chose for the vest. Right now I am knitting the Hanami shawl and Waterfall socks by Anne Hanson (will post them on my Ravelry today).

Feel better soon!


Eunny-galleria on kiva keksintö! Hmmm, mulla voisi olla aineksia Nancy-galleriaan... :-D

Pikaista paranemista!

Oh Maud, it that nasty time of year when everyone's coming down with something.....I hope you feel better soon!

Your new Eunny page is great and very inspiring. I subscribe to IK, but haven't yet tried making any of her designs.

What a great idea! Now we all know where to go to see your growing collection!

I hope you feel better soon, horrid cold isn't it.
Your Eunny knits are great.

Wow! What a beautiful art display. I think knitting is the perfect medicine to baby that cold!

Such a beautiful gallery- Eunny's designs are gorgeous, and you make me want to make all of them!

Oh my gosh!! That is such a wonderful idea. I love the Eunny page! Maybe I could have designer row with Amy Butler and Eunny!!

Hope you feel better!

Wow, what a beautiful gallery! I love the blue you are knitting the tangled yoke sweater in.

Feel better soon! You are so amazing with the knits by Eunny!

Tag! Come over to my blog to read the instructions! And have a great weekend. :)

Hi Maud, what a lovely products you've made! I love them all!

All of them are so beautiful!!

I hope you're feeling better soon, Maud!

Jag säger bara - öhhhh... man dånar ju när man ser dessa bilder på det du har i stickväg där... Och du passar så hiskeligt bra i dem också!!!
Hm, här funderar nu gubben på att införskaffa en FÅTÖLJ åt vovven, japp. Hon har inte fått ligga i vår soffa tex... och INTE i sängen... NU har vi börjat upptäcka att hon smiter upp i soffan om vi INTE följer med henne runt i huset, och vem kan göra det hela tiden... Kanske en egen fåtölj, men pläd vore något? Nä, inte en hel soffa inte, hihihi... Ja, så får vi ha soffan ifred och det vore bra då en tik löper... mindre kul med henne I soffan då, suck...
Må så gott... värmländskan... kramis och sticka lugnt...

Hope you are on the mend very soon. Your Eunny knits are fabulous. It's difficult to even choose a favorite. All of them!

Hope you are on the mend very soon. Your Eunny knits are fabulous. It's difficult to even choose a favorite. All of them!


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