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Hey, I'm still here!

Sorry for being away for so long. It has been a busy, and partly difficult, time. The schools have started, and it is always the usual mess of new timetables, books and such. And then I went and make some unsuitable movements with my left leg, getting a terrible muscle pain that sent me for over a week on pretty heavy and energy draining pain meds. Not funny at all, and sad to say, the muscle is not at it should be, but I manage without the strong meds. Then there have been various family ceremonies, taking the rest of my time. With other words, not much knitting, and even less blogging.

Blustery has got new buttons, a blocking session, and should be ready to be modeled. But the weather has not been on my side. Every day, when I has been at home, it has rained, making it impossible to get anything even close to a modeled picture. And when I’m away, yea, you guessed right, the sun is shining to no end.


I have started a new sock. The pattern is one I copied from a book while in Munich. I can’t find the reference right now, but I know I have it somewhere, and I will post it. It was a book with German folk patterns, and there were a couple of lovely socks. The yarn is Schoeller&Stahl’s Fortissima socka and I’m using 2 mm dpns. The socks will most likely be for my daughter, I suspect I don’t have yarn enough to make them bigger.


I have one month left on my “buy-no-yarn-half-year” and I’m starting to feel pretty desperate. I don’t have much yarn left in the stash, and I have socks coming out of my ears. I could of course switch over to mittens, I have a decent stash of mitten yarns, but what I long for is to knit a sweater. Or a shawl. So there is a small risk that I will be a little boring for one month more, and then explode in series of sweater knitting, with a big shawl (a new Swallowtail or Ene from Scarf style?) thrown in somewhere. Comforting in all this just-knitting-socks-depression: Look what I got from Kamicha:


Thank you!


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The last month is going to be the hardest I bet. Best of luck to you. :)

The sock is so very nice, I really love the cables. You have one lucky daughter. And it's really good to hear from you again - I find you very inspiring.

The socks you are making are nice. I hope the leg is mending now.

The sock is gorgeous! Good luck on your last month!

You'll make it through one more month- and while you may be bored with socks, those are beautiful! Feel better soon.

Oh Maud, I'm sorry to hear about hurting your leg....and when you've got so much other stuff going on. Sounds like you're hanging in there.
A half year without buying yarn? I have a huge stash also, but it's always fun to buy something new once in a while. Maybe I could send you some yarn for the Ene's or Swallowtail shawl? (both of which I have made and you will love knitting yourself).
P.S. Those are beautiful socks you're working on. You do wonderful work with those cables!

I love the colors in that sock!

Best of luck to you - feel better!

Very nice! Congrats on being a rockin' girl!

Hi Maud, Sorry to hear you hurt your leg. Hope that you are feeling much better very quickly. The new sock is beautiful and the colors are great. I admire you for making it six months with nothing new - - seems like I'm almost on a pace of six months and nothing finished, but more added to the "new project" pile. Back to school is great - my kids started yesterday. Have a great day.

I love cabled socks. Glad your leg is better.


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