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Socks for my tiger

Stadi cup.jpg

Sofia Stadi cup.jpg So it’s this time of the year again. The Stadi Cup, the biggest girl football tournament in Finland is here again. It started on Wednesday, but my daughter played on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, all in all six matches. They came second in their group, and was thus among the ten best teams (out of thirty) in their age group. It was a very good result, considering they had some very new players among them, who haven’t played football for more than a half year.
I got Sofia’s tiger football socks finished during the Stadi Cup. The girls in Sofia’s team (the Mimmitiikerit, translated to girl tigers) found it very funny that Sofia wpild get a pair of tiger football socks, even if I doubt they will ever be worn as football socks. But for the fun of it, that is the way we took the pictures of them.
Tigeraction1.jpg Tigeractin2.jpg

Project details:
Pattern: My own, knitted from the toe up. Directions for the toe and heel can be found here. Ribbing in 5 knit, 1 purl stitch.
Yarn: Opal sock yarn in the tiger colour way, all of 100 grams.
Needles: 2,5 dpns.


At the end of a long day


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congrats to mom on some great socks! and congrats to sofia on some great football!

That is soo cool football socks on such a super cute football girl!!

Good going for you and Sofia- a very successful weekend!

Those are awesome! I can't believe you'd let these be worn and get all muddy and yucky in soccer play. Looks like they're already loved!

It's great to see that you have the confidence to see your daughter play in hand knit socks! They look great. Congratulations to your daughter!

Wonderful knitting as usual Maud!

What great socks! Be careful! The whole team will want a pair!!

I love these photos! Sofia has the best looking socks on the field :-)

Congratulations to both of you. Did mom have any voice left after the game?:)

What wonderful socks!!!! As others said, do you have enough yarn for the whole team??? Thanks for your comments on my blog. Yes, I think the shawl will be ok out of the very fine laceweight cotton. I'm making it extra large so that one can scrunch it up and, therefore, the unevenness of the knitting will not be an issue--I hope!!

Maud, The socks are wonderful! And what fun to do so well with the soccer tournament!
And, the green cardigan is really lovely; the buttons are great.


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