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The colour of spring

Today's project to step forward is Pippa*, a design by Anna Bell (scroll down to find the right model). It is a very plain and classic cardigan, knitted on 3,25 mm needles out of Debbie Bliss' Baby Cashmerino yarn. The yarn contains, according to the label, 55 % merino wool, 33 % microfibre and 12 % cashmere. This yarn is as close to heaven as you can get among the yarns, it's soft, it feels luxury and it's a dream to knit with. Sadly has this cardigan had to step a bit to the side after initial cast on and first sleeve ribbing, but it's only because Swallowtail is having a deadline. I'm eager to continue knitting with this yarn!


The model is as said plain and classic, but I see before my eyes this cardigan paired with a flowery summer dress, in the style Laura Ashley had in the 90's, with a wide skirt and tight fitting bodice. I had a dress like that (okay, I guess I have to admit I had several, but one that is just what I think about), that I used until the fabric was worn to treads. Sadly I haven't since found a substitute, and to be honest, I haven't lately found very much in my taste over at Laura Ashley either. So I will perhaps end up having to sew a dress like the one in my imagination.


The ribbing is knitted with twisted knit stitches and a small cable. The cable is then continuing up on the sleeves and the body, and will be very subtle against the stockinet between them. So far is Anna's pattern very clear, no problems in understanding it or in the descriptions.

* When I was small child, about ten or so, I had a doll the manufacturer called Pippa. She was smaller than a Barbie, and had an own horse and all the things you need to take care of a horse, and riding clothes. I totally loved that doll, and the name of this pattern brings back very happy childhood memories.

And a short update on Swallowtail: I finished the bud pattern yesterday, and have moved forward to the Lily of the valley patterns. The nupps, oh my, the nupps! I knitted one row of nupps before popping over to the old needle case, bringing out a 1,25 mm crochet hook. I was able to knit the P5tog with just needles, but it took eons. It is fiddly even with the hook, but it cuts down on time considerably. One has just to be careful, not taking the yo after the nupp stitches into the P5tog (don't ask how I know about this specific problem). The nupps are eating yarn pretty fast, but I do still have yarn left of the first ball, and just Lily of the Valley 2 and the border pattern left. Strange.


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thanks for the detail pictures as they are not visible on the pattern website. love the color & can't wait to see a finished photo!

Looks like a beautiful sweater. Thanks for the tip on the nupps. The shawl is going to be on my needles soon.

Such pretty ribbing on Pippa!!
I JUST finished the nupps....on to the final edging - yahoo!


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