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And my Secret Knit Pal is....Taru!!!!

The Finnish Secret Knit Pal exchange has been going on for four months. In November it was time to send the last parcel and to reveal the identity. I have for four months enjoyed the results of the imagination of Taru from Turku. Taru is keeping her blog at Hatusta vedettyä . Go and take a peak at her works!


This last parcel was huge, and with a wonderful content. What you can't see on the picture because it's hidden (I didn't see it was hidden when taking the pictures, it's totally unintentional), is a Addi circular needle, 80 cm and 3,5 mm with real gold plating. Wow! And such a useful size and length! And what’s more? Yes, four balls of Sandnes Sisu, a very nice yarn I haven't worked with for some time. The colours go together in the most beautiful way, even if my pic is a bit crappy. Winter light and flash, you know. Vuorelma's Satakieli, a yarn you never can have too much of. Two pairs of straight needles, 3 mm and 2 mm in bamboo. Christmas pampering: tee and cinnamon scented candles. Chocolate: Fazer and lovely Kalev, an Estonian brand I'm totally in love with, thanks to Taru, who has sent a steady supply during this autumn. And sushi paper table napkins. My daughter saw them and tried to get me promise to use them on her birthday*. Well, let’s see. If she’ll behave well until December the 9th…

Taru, you have been a wonderful pal! Thank you for every thing, it has been rays of sunshine in the autumn. All the yarns you have sent have been wonderful, and I’m sure you will see them all feature on this blog in the future! And guess what? I have found I shop in Helsinki specializing in Estonian foodstuffs. It was closed when I drove by, so let’s hope they carry Kalev.

*Just like me she is a real fan of Japanese cooking, and has as Christmas and Birthday gifts asked for dinner at a sushi place or Japanese restaurant... among other things, but still. This is a standard request from her, starting from the year she turned seven. So it has been going on for five years already.


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Underbart paket! Ska bli spännande att se vad du gör med de vackra garnerna.
Angående dotterns smak för japansk mat: du har aldrig gjort sushi själv? Sitter här och blir sugen bara jag skriver om det (mmm, jag är också enormt drabbad av "sushi-bacillen"). Det är lite pilligt och tar ju en stund men det blir sanslöst gott.

Jag älskar att laga japansk mat, sushi inkluderat! Men att laga en hel sushi måltid för sex personer är mera än vad jag brukar orka med, det får räcka med några bitar per man, och sedan annat japanskt till.

Mukavaa, että paketit ovat olleet mieluisia, jään innolla odottamaan kuvia ja tarinoita mitä langoista ja muista muotoutuu :)

Wow Maud, I finally found your blog and what a pleasure to see what you have been up to. It has inspired me to finish the shawl that has sat by my chair forever!


Kristen ( from the Take Peace Yahoo group)


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