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Greetings from my Secret Pal

When I came home late on Wednesday from Copenhagen I had something waiting for me. My Salainen Neule Ystävä or the Secret Knit Pal had sent me a parcel. The down side was that the parcel was too big for our mailbox, and I wasn’t able to get it until on Thursday. My pal had sent me a card too, one that she had forgot to add to the parcel, and I was for once wise, and decided to open it first when I had opened the parcel. It turned out to be a good choice, since my pal explains on the card why she has chosen the items in the parcel.



Tadaa!!! Knitting and other goodies!

Inside a black and white stylish paper bag were the following items: Estonian chocolate, a bag of green tea with citrus, a set of pastel chopsticks, two balls of sock yarn and one of alpaca.

The colours were very hard to catch, but I managed somehow. The Regia yarn is in wonderfully bright and crisp, and will be socks as soon as I’m over this mitten season (might be first on next years side). The alpaca is positively the most beautiful blue-green colour I’ve ever met. It’s not solid blue-green, there are greener parts and bluer parts, but they mix in together to form a bluegreenishness that is overwhelming beautiful. I can already se this yarn used in the cuffs of a pair of black gloves with perhaps a structural pattern on the back of the hands, and big cuff, perhaps with some beads added. They will be perfect with my winter coat that has small slits on the sleeves.

I had told in the questionnaire that I also like to cook Japanese, and my pal remembered me with a set of pastel chopsticks. A very good choice, dear pal! The chocolate is eaten (okay, it took me about ten minutes after opening the parcel to be finished with it), and the green tea is also tested, yesterday at first, and now is a second cup steaming here on my desk. You are right, it is very fresh. I have in fact never had spiced green tea before, so it was a totally new one. Thank you for everything, Secret Pal!

And the bonus, my Pal. You could of course not know it, since I haven’t mentioned it anywhere, but when I was in my teens I started to collect posters and cards with the old Mickey Mouse, he who had only three fingers and thumb, and only the red pants and yellow shoes. At that time (we are talking about the eighties) they were very hard to find. When we got our first home of our own we painted the bathroom yellow, bought a bright red bath rug and bright red towel and put up all the Mickey posters, a child’s plate with Mickey from the 40's and some other small items I had found. And in every house we have lived since have we had a yellow wc room with Mickey posters. So your card is going to get a frame and a permanent place in our house.


Click here for an other view!

Copenhagen was good, but I’m dead tired as physically as mentally. The trip went well, but yesterday at home I didn’t get anything done. I like Copenhagen a lot, I managed to sneak in as well yarn shopping (Danish yarns and books!) as china shopping, but you’ll get a full report later. I didn’t after all take any knitting with me, but I made yesterday some progress on the argyle vest.


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Haha! Very cool bathroom! I love it.

Oj, vet inte... är paketet det bästa, eller är en ny bild till badrummet det bästa, ;). Den varar kanske längre? Men, garnet kan du njuta av länge, länge om du vill alltså, :).
Hm, undrar om det är samma Alpaca jag gjorde min Birch i, och pulsvärmare... kan då föreslå att du inte använder bambustickor, :).
Må så gott... en Sjöbackabo på irrvägar - feberyra - ute på nätet... kramis

I got some of that Regia in a swap a while back and knit it into socks for a sock exchange I did. It's so much fun to knit with because it makes such happy colored stripes. Have fun with yours!

I love your Mickey Mouse deco! I'm a huge fan myself and have lots of collectibles. Next time I head to the States I'll get some Mickey for ya.

Ihana ylläripaketti!

Minulla olisi sinulle nöyrä pyyntö: voisitko lisätä blogisi blogilistalle, bliis. Seuraan mielelläni blogiasi, sieltä löytäisin sen heti kun on jotain uutta luettavaa ;-)

Hyvää syyskuun alkua!

Mickey and his friends are favorites of mine, too. My grandmother had the first set of Mickey Mouse books published. I learned to read from them and, of course, Dick and Jane. The decor looks so interesting and retro. I love it.

Mukavaa että paketti oli mieluinen :) Ja mainiota, että Mikkikin osui kohdalleen, meillä on siis jotain yhteistä ;)


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