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Lots of progress, even if not cabling yet!


My hands are flying over the stitches of this work! 6 mm needles, an old circ I got with my Mum’s collection when she gave me everything knitting related she had some 15 years ago, an Aero according to the package, with nice pointy ends and flexible plastic needles. But the wire, oh my! Look! I must try Sia’s trick and put the wire in boiling water, hot water alone didn’t help, nor hot oven. I bought a new one in the local Citymarket, a Novita 6 mm, but it felt like the yarn was about to glue itself to the needles. Too much friction for my taste. So I stick to the Aeros, even if the wire is a mess. The ribbing is made with 5 mm needles, but here I’m on safer waters, I have an Addi circ (that I love) that makes the finer gauged work a dream to do.


Big piece to the right: blocked back piece. Sausages to the left: completed unblocked left front, partial right front.

I started to knit on the cable-trimmed jacket when we went to the archipelago this Monday. It takes about 1,5 hours in the car to drive from close to Helsinki where we live down to Kimito where the island is situated. I knitted almost 2 balls on the way down and started the fourth ball on the way home. I couldn’t knit on it while on the island, since I was under the eyes of MIL herself, and finishing the Kimono shawl was a high priority too. I finished the back piece while watching Nanny McPhee with the kids on Thursday, and the fronts, well, they grow with the speed of light. As you can see, I'm halfway with the second one!

On a totally other note, have you all Finnish knitters seen that Kristel has put up details for our own version of the Secret Pal? The Salainen Ystävä 2006 is about to start in August, so hurry up and send in your participation details before 30.7. See you there!



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I have some needles with curly wires. I had to soak the wire part (not the whole needle because then they are too HOT to touch) in boiling water for a bit and then stretch them out, pulling on each end until they cooled a little. That did the trick. Good luck. The cable sweater is zippin' along!

You have a very lucky MIL! Thanks for letting me know about the issue w/ my blog- I think it's b/c you don't use internet explorer. When I get back home, I'll see what I can do.

WOW. You are flying on those needles! Your MIL is going to be so pleased with this jacket.


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