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Moving and knitting...

... do not go hand in hand. For almost four weeks has my life been mostly filled with moving boxes, packing and unpacking things, and trying to find places for things to be in a house with yet too little storing space. Huh, it takes it's toll, and in my case, not only in the form of many hours spent on non-knitting issues, also a very tender right arm. Nothing serious I think, only a small muscle having enough, and I only should rest it more than I do. But, because of this I haven't advanced as much as I would have liked to on the new mitten project. But here it is: the Gotland island mittens by Toshiyuki Shimada (嶋田俊之) from Northern European Knit Accessories 北欧のニットこものたち. The yarn I'm using is Rauma Finull, and 2 mm needles. The first mitten is finished, and I'm pondering how to incorporate a couple of stitches more in the pattern (the thumb feels a little bit too small). But here two first views of the mittens:




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Glad to see you are knitting again. The new home looks charming. You sound happy, except for missing the boys and folks. I miss mine too, but I go where my husband goes. I am working on a sweater neck cowl from my own pattern. Actually figuring it out as I go. I have socks to finish but having cataracts removed set me back some. I am so glad I looked you up again. Question: do you ever leave anything unblocked? Thank you,


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