July 26, 2006

Knitting interrupted - I got an e-mail!

For a while I have heard some noise from the closet where I keep things not in use. Well, in fact there started to be a small murmur last autumn (when somebody went to fashion school, and started blogging about sewing too), but it has grown in decibels over the summer. I have tried to totally ignore the noise, and I managed pretty well until it started to get higher.


Then I got an e-mail. If you can’t read the picture it goes: Hi Maud! This is your sewing machine. I have managed to come out of the closet and am typing this message with the help of my presser foot. Please take me off and play with me a little bit? Just for five or ten minutes? Thank you!*


There is not much else to do other than starting to dig through the fabric stash (it’s pretty small, I usually bought fabric like yarn, always with a specific project in mind), and hauling the machines out of the closet. It’s the sewing machine that is noisy, the serger is a silent work horse**. Both machines are about 15 years old, and were in frequent use when the kids were younger. I used to sew most of their clothes, and quite a lot for my self too. Going back to law school had a very negative influence on my sewing time, and I was quite weary of the transfer from being a Stay-at-home/work-at-home Mum to being a SAHM/WHAM/Study-in-the-library Mum. So I quit sewing actively. I think that the fact that I am again used to both study, do the work I do and being with the kids and keeping up the home, combined with the fact that the kids are four years older now, have longer school days and are much more independent, are the biggest reasons why I hear the noise from my sewing machines again.

And there are so many knitters that have started to sew too. Why is this so? Is it because when you have reached a certain level of knitting skills you get disturbed by the fact hat finding good fit in store bought clothes is sometimes very hard, and since you get your knitted garments to fit well, you want your clothes to do it too? Or is it because you use your creativity when knitting in order to get a sweater or whatever to look just like you like it to look, and you want your clothes to look the way you want them to, too?

I think both. What about you?

*I know my sewing machine got some help from a certain rabbit. I blame it all on you Becky :-D, but I'm also very thankful that you have helped me hear that noise again. I have missed it.
**And now is the sewing machine just purring. Like a cat with a saucer of cream in front of it. Best to hurry down to the beach with the kids as long as it's pleased. And take the knitting bag with me.


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